Introducing Volbella

Juviderm Volbella Mississippi

The Face and Body Center surgeons are proud to announce that they have completed their training on the newest product offered by Allergan, Juvederm Volbella XC. Volbella is the newest lip filler and was found to effectively increase lip fullness andsoften the appearance of lines around the mouth. In addition, Volbella offers longer lasting results. Continue reading


Tackle A CureTackle a cure for cancer is a month long event in October that’s main goal is to raise breast cancer awareness. In order to do so, Tackle A Cure provides area high schools with “Pink Out” gear for their football players, cheerleaders, coaches, and referees to use during a game of their choosing during October. In conjunction with Pink Out gear, the Tackle A Cure volunteers also attend the games and distribute information on breast self-exams. These volunteers sell various pink t-shirts, pink pom-poms, and pink bracelets at the games as well.  In 2015, Tackle A Cure conservatively estimated that we reached over 400,000 people and their households in the state of Mississippi to promote the importance of early detection and encourage regular examinations and annual mammograms. Continue reading

Dr. Barraza is a Pink Tie Guy

pink time bar
The Face and Body Center is proud to announce that Dr. Kenneth Barraza has been chosen by the Central Mississippi Steel Magnolias Affiliate of Susan G. Komen to be one of the 2016 Pink Tie Guys in recognition of his community efforts and support of breast cancer awareness. Pink Tie Guys are established businessmen with a demonstrated track record of making a difference in their communities.

Continue reading

Don’t Be An Impatient Patient

How to be a good patientWe live in a fast paced world where nothing is ever fast enough. We are impatiently waiting on our fast food, sitting in miles of slow moving traffic, or anxiously awaiting a web order to arrive. Patience can be difficult to practice, but the time to use real restraint is before, during, and after cosmetic surgery. Proper preparation is key and it is important to realize that good results may not be immediate. Continue reading

Makeovers Aren’t Just for Mom Anymore… Now It’s Dad’s Turn

Makeover for dad MississippiYouth and beauty are prized in our culture by females; however, women aren’t the only ones that wrinkle with age. The number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% in the last 15 years according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Men get cosmetic procedures for several reasons, whether they want to look good from a business aspect or from a social standpoint. Helping men advance in their careers is a powerful tool. Numerous men also admit turning to cosmetic surgery to prepare them for the dating world after a break up or divorce. Men want to feel confident in their everyday routine, and we are here to provide the steps to a more confident you. Continue reading

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match GuaranteeThe Face & Body Center offers a “price match” on cosmetic surgeries. Just bring us a bona fide, written quote or an advertised special from plastic or cosmetic surgery practice in this area, and we will match the price for the same surgery that is available at the Face and Body Center.

The Face & Body Center is committed to our community. Choose your surgeon based on experience and references.  Cosmetic surgery should never just be about price alone. 

Our “price match” is subject to the following conditions:

  • A written quote must be provided to us at the time of your initial consult or service.   
  • The Face & Body Center may take up to 24hours to confirm the written quote for match purposes.

The Face and Body Center reserves the right to reject any written quote or advertised special that our physicians and staff conclude is misleading, unreasonable, or incorrect.

Our price match policy does not obligate the Face and Body Center to perform any surgery or procedure that our physicians and staff believe, in the exercise of their professional judgment, is contraindicated for you.

The Importance of Hands


Hand Surgery Mississippi

An injury to the hand that leaves the member malformed can be debilitating.  Damage to any one of the mechanisms of the hand, such as the tendons, ligaments, or the joints between the bones, can severely hamper someone’s lifestyle and infringe on their career. People use their hands a lot in their day-to-day lives, and use them to interact with and manipulate the world around them. Damage to this mechanism that is left untreated can be not only disruptive, but ruinous in its effects.

Your hand is a complex mechanism with many working parts influencing its function, so any one problem may negatively impact the hand as a whole, causing wear or stress causing further pain or damage. Surgery may be an effective solution for repairing any damage caused by hand injuries. The capable Jackson, MS based hand surgeons at Face & Body Center can repair damage to the underlying structures in your hand to return functionality and remove negative impacts such as chronic pain or reduced range of motion or motor function.

Damage caused by injury or other negative impacts on hand and wrist function such as arthritis, trouble with connective tissue such as tendons or ligaments, underlying nerve problems, or hereditary diseases such as Dupuytren’s contracture (“Vikings Disease”) that may reduce function in your hand are ultimately quite repairable.

If you have injured your hands or have lingering extant issues with pain or functionality, do not wait any longer. Ask your doctor about the possibility of implementing hand surgery today.