Face & Body Center Testimonials - Debra

Debra | Jackson, MS

“I’M READY TO LIVE AGAIN” I realize now that I’d always taken “normal” for granted. After being ravaged by cancer treatment and a failed reconstruction, I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever look right again. Fortunately for me, I met Dr. … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Suzette

Suzette | Vicksburg, MS

“I FEEL LIKE AN ABSOLUTE JEWEL” Before my reconstruction, I honestly thought I’d never feel “together” again. Well, not only did Dr. Brantley put me back together-he made me shine. He is so skilled, caring, nurturing, loving, compassionate, professional- I … Continue reading


Julie | Morton, MS

“A NEW LIFE TRULY IS ONE STEP AWAY” Unfortunately, that first step is the hardest one for women considering plastic surgery. It’s natural to be overwhelmed with fear and complex insurance issues and maybe even bad past experiences. I certainly … Continue reading


Carol | Canton, MS

“I FINALLY FEEL AT HOME IN MY OWN BODY” For so long, I was anxious and insecure about my appearance. And I was definitely nervous as I drove to the facility, but the moment I walked inside, I breathed easy, … Continue reading


Ashlee | Forest, MS

“I’D GIVEN UP ON EVER FEELING CONFIDENT AGAIN” I had lost my self-esteem, not simply because of the size of my breasts but because they didn’t fit the rest of my body. When you can’t find clothes that fit right, … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Tanya

Tanya | Puckett, MS

“I JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO BE HONEST WITH ME” Surgery is overwhelming enough as it is, so it’s so important to find a doctor willing to take the time to ask questions, listen, and care enough to give honest answers. … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Lynda

Lynda | Madison, MS

“NOTHING’S FEELS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN A NEW YOU” After years of living in the Florida sun, my tan was long gone, but the damage to my skin stayed with me. That’s why I sought out Dr. Mani. He fully explained … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Kristen

Kristen | Madison, MS

“YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON HOPE” I was so scared when my three-month-old daughter Kristen had to have surgery on her cleft lip. There just aren’t words to describe what it’s like to entrust your newborn’s life to somone. … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Ashley

Ashley | Flowood, MS

“I KNEW I HAD CHOSEN THE RIGHT DOCTOR” From the first consultation visit all the way to the final check up, I knew I had chosen the right doctor! Dr. Mani and his nurses, Ann and Becky, were very professional, … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Beverley

Beverley | Madison, MS

“I FELT LIKE I WAS HIS ONLY PATIENT” I knew that I’d made the right choice when Dr. Smith set down his chart and his pen and talked to me like a friend. My surgery was such a personal decision, … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Selena

Selena | Vicksburg, MS

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T DO THIS SOONER” I spent my entire adult life feeling self-conscious about my body, not knowinghow smooth the transition could be from self-conscious to self-confident. Thank goodness I met Dr. Kanosky, whose kindness and care … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Karen

Karen | Byram, MS

“I GOT THE NEWS NO WOMAN WANTS TO HEAR” I needed a surgeon who understood my pain and would walk through it with me. Dr. Davidson and his staff did just that. Then the tears, the depression, the prayers, the … Continue reading

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Candice

Candice | Brandon, MS

“FINALLY, I LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A WOMAN MY AGE” After two procedures with another surgeon, I still had the figure of an older woman. For four years, I thought that was as good as it gets.Thankfully, I sought a … Continue reading