The Face and Body Center is the sponsor of this year’s WAPT Outstanding Teacher of the Week!! We are thrilled to get the opportunity to surprise teachers in the community with a $250 value certificate from the Face and Body Spa!  We will be posting our winners weekly to this page.  We are so thankful for all they are doing in our community!

Click here to nominate one or your teachers for Outstanding Teacher of the Week.

Teacher of the Year Award to Mrs. Karen Neely

16 WAPT and The Face and Body Center proudly present the Teacher of the Year Award to Mrs. Karen Neely. She is a science teacher at New Summit School in Jackson, MS. She was chosen teacher of the week early this year and star teacher several years ago at Pearl High School where she taught for over 30 years. She makes learning fun for each of her students and provides stability to all students of different learning styles.  Congratulations to Mrs. Karen Neely, Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Mcintosh

Mrs. Kelly McIntosh teaches special education at Germantown High School.  She truly cares about her students and talks about them as if they are her own.  Her relationship with her students makes their faces shine and she always puts her students and other teachers first.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Lewis

Congratulations Mrs. Melissa Lewis.  Mrs. Lewis is a wonderful teacher at Pearl Upper Elementary.  She’s more than just a teacher, she’s a role model.  She continues her education by taking online graduate classes so she can go above and beyond for her students.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Phillips

Congratulations Sarah Phillips! Mrs. Phillips teaches Algebra 1 at Forest Hill High School.  She is a Teach for America instructor. She spends countless hours tutoring and supporting her students and their activities.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Barnes

Congratulations Latoya Barns!  Mrs. Barnes teaches English II at Raymond High School and is always willing to go the extra mile for her students. Thanks for all you do!

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. King

Congratulations Mrs. Judy King, teacher at McLeod Elementary. She instills confidence in her students and genially enjoys educating children.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Cokely

Congratulations Mrs. Susan Cokely, teacher at Jackson Prep.  She directs several singing ensembles at the school and encourages her students to be accepting of everyone.  She is very enthusiastic and truly cares about her students.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Sullivan

Congratulations Mrs. Angela Sullivan! Mrs. Sullivan teaches at Gary Road Intermediate school in Byram. Her passion for education is evident the minute you step into her class.  Her energy is through the roof and her students enjoy learning because the amount of effort she puts forth.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Phillyaw

Congratulations Mrs.  Ajilon Philyaw! Mrs. Phillyaw teaches second grade at Stonebridge Elementary. She embraces a structured yet fun-learning environment and shares the goals and progress of each student with their parents.  She is caring and committed to them and to their success.

Outstanding Teacher: Ms. Harkins


Dr. Adrian Smith presented WAPT’s Outstanding Teacher of the Week award to Ms. Jan Harkins who teaches a Special Needs Education class at Northwest Elementary School. She teaches 10 students this year who have severe learning and physical handicap disabilities.   Ms. Harkins was nominated by Lori Beth Robinson, a parent to one of her students.  In her nomination, we were told that she was the most gracious and humble person , and all around remarkable person. We were thrilled to get to present her with a $250 gift certificate to the Face and Body Spa.  She definitely portrayed the type of person that truly gives back to others and our staff was humbled to meet her.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Bold

tow 2Dr. Adrian Smith presented the Outstanding Teacher of the week award to Mrs. Candice Bold!  Mrs. Bold teaches 7th grade math at Chastain Middle School. She was nominated by Norman Phillips.  Thanks for all you do for our community Mrs. Bold!!






Outstanding Teacher: Ms. Jordan

Dr. Smith presented the Outstanding Teacher award to Ms. Niki Jordan.  Ms. Jordan teaches 5th grade special education at Brandon Elementary.  She was in shock when we came in! She came in and used her spa package a few weeks ago and brought a special painted canvas from her classroom students thanking us for choosing her.


Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Wong

tow 4

Caroline Fox presented the Spa Package and Outstanding Teacher award to Mrs. Karen Wong!! Mrs. Wong is an 2nd and 5th grade open doors teacher at Spann Elementary in Jackson, MS.  She has been to our spa in the past and couldn’t wait to come back in for her treatments.




Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. May

tow 5

Dr. Davidson presented the Outstanding Teacher award to Mrs. Lisa May.  Mrs. May teaches Senior English at Terry High School.






Outstanding Teacher: Mr. Van Wyk

IMG_2569Dr. Kanosky presented this week’s Outstanding Teacher to Peter Van Wyk at Mt. Salus Christian School.  Mr. Van Wyk teaches 11th Grade English & Bible.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Stewart

tow 7Dr. Smith presented the Outstanding Teacher award to Mrs. Ellen Stewart.  Mrs. Stewart teaches 9th grade Freshman Focus at Rosa Scott High School in Madison, MS.




Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Neely

tow 8Dr. Brantley presented the teacher of the week award to Karen Neely at New Summit School. Mrs. Neely teaches Science and has been a huge influence on many of her students becoming scientist, engineers and physicians. The principal had several classrooms come outside to be a part of the surprise.  We were thrilled to have such a great amount of participation from the school!



Outstanding Teacher: Ms Raghothama

tow 9Dr. Mani presented the teacher of the week award to Ms. Rachana Raghothama.  Ms. Raghothama teaches 6th grade Math at Bailey APAC Middle School.  She was so excited that she wanted to keep the big check that we presented to her!!!



Outstanding Teacher: Ms. Lewis

OTOTW Tonida LewisNatalie Smith with WAPT and Caroline Fox with The Face and Body Center presented this week’s outstanding teacher to Ms. Tonida Lewis!!  Ms. Lewis is a Cosmetology teacher at the Career Development Center in Jackson.  She was overwhelmed with joy when we surprised her the first week in December.  Her classmates all gathered around for pictures and shared wonderful stories about the impact she has made on their lives. 




Outstanding Teacher: Mr. Young

youngDr. Smith presented the Outstanding Teacher of the week award to Jason Young! Mr. Young teaches Physics, Physical Science and ACT Prep at Pearl High School.  He was really excited about giving the spa package to someone special!

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Holbert

holbertMrs. Dianne Holbert teaches high school show choir and music at Jackson Prep.  She was nominated as the Outstanding Teacher of the week by one of her students!  The Face and Body Center presented the award the day before their Christmas performance and we had the honor of hearing her class sing us a Christmas carol.


Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Bender

benderMrs. Susan Bender is a biology soar teacher at Jim Hill High School.  She is also known around the school as the teacher with all the class pets! We are excited to have her come get pampered in our spa!



Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Fioretti

fiorettiMrs. Fran Fioretti has been teaching 1st grade for 40 years and the last 7 have been at Jackson Academy.  She encourages her students to always give her very best and nothing less.




Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Veasey

veaseyMrs. Andria Taylor Veasey is the choral music director at Cordoza Middle School.  She influences and motivates her students to do their best and encourages them to continue singing no matter what and always try for greatness.

Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Waterbury

waterburyMrs. Lynne Waterbury teaches algebra and pre algebra at Clinton Christian Academy.  She’s very influential and supportive of others and the students love her and say she’s the best!



Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Jones

jonesMs. Risha Jones is leading an autism specific preschool program in the Rankin County School District. She works with children who have significant issues with communication, yet Mrs. Jones sets a high standard for teaching and loving these students and their families.  Her work ethic cannot be matched.


Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Chandler

chandler2Congratulations Mrs. Carol Chandler, first grade teacher at Madison Avenue Elementary. Mrs. Chandler is very nurturing to her students and she often reaches out to their families in times of need!  Mrs. Chandler truly cares about her students and it shows!


Outstanding Teacher: Ms. Johnson

20140218Congratulations Jessica Johnson! Ms. Johnson is a science teacher at Canton High School.  She has been described by her students as a mom to all and a light to the school.  Not only is she a great science teacher but is someone her students can go to in times of trouble.  Thanks for all you do for our community.


Outstanding Teacher: Mr. Johns

Brad Johns teaches Math at Mclaurin High School. His nomination mentions that he has influenced lives of many by making math fun and enjoyable.  It also states that he always goes above and beyond to help his students understand the material. Thanks for all you do Mr. Johns!


Outstanding Teacher: Mrs. Sanders

Congratulations Mrs. Sanders! She is a 10th grade English teacher at Crystal Springs High School.  She has received the most nominations in the history of ‘Outstanding Teacher’.  Mrs. Sanders is very influential towards her students and makes them feel loved and important.  She offers great advise and life skills that not only prepares them for English but also for their future.