Brazilian Butt Lift Jackson Ms

Buttock augmentation reshapes and enhances your gluteal area. Most commonly, treatment is performed using your own tissue, known technically as autologous fat transfer, or more commonly, as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Liposuction is used to harvest fat which is then injected into the buttocks, as well as to further contour your buttock to achieve your desired shape.

Solid or cohesive silicone gel implants can also be used to create a fuller loo, and are used in patients who do not have adequate fat for harvest.

Is buttock augmentation right for me?  Buttock augmentation has gained popularity due to cultural trends around the world and in the media. Individuals who are interested in buttock augmentation might have one or more of the following feelings or concerns:

• Your buttocks are too small for your body frame
• Clothes do not fit properly on your figure
• Weight loss has left your buttocks loose, sagging or flat
• The shape or size of your buttocks makes you feel self-conscious


During the consultation, you will be asked what you would like your buttocks to look like, as well as other body image concerns. This will help your surgeon to understand and address your expectations and assess whether they can realistically be achieved.

How will my surgeon evaluate me?

Your plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and most likely take photographs for your medical record. He or she will consider such factors as the size and shape of your buttocks, the quality of your skin and what kind of augmentation is appropriate. In addition, if Brazilian Butt Lift is planned, he or she will determine what sites on your body are appropriate fat donor sites.
You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history. This will include information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received, previous surgeries, and medications (including over-the-counter meds) that you take. It is important for you to provide complete information.

Preparation and Day of Surgery

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal medications can cause increased bleeding, so you should avoid taking these medications 10 days before surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with additional preoperative instructions.
Buttock augmentation is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you at least the first night following surgery.

Day of surgery

Your buttock augmentation surgery will be planned as an outpatient same day procedure at our own state of the art surgery center.
Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. Most commonly, general anesthesia is used for patients.

When surgery is completed, you will be taken into a recovery area, where you will continue to be closely monitored and then discharged home when you meet certain safety criteria.


At the conclusion of your buttock augmentation procedure, you will be placed in a surgical dressing that may include a support or compression garment. You should follow your plastic surgeon’s directions as prescribed. Prior to your discharge, you and your caregiver will be given detailed instructions about your post-surgical care including drains if they have been placed, the normal symptoms you will experience, and any potential signs of complication.
During the first 2 weeks, you are advised to avoid putting direct pressure on your buttock for more than a few minutes at a time. If you have to sit, use a very soft cushion. From week three to week six after surgery, you should also sit on cushions when sitting for prolonged periods. You will be given very detailed post operative instructions and may resume most normal activities usually in two weeks time.

After surgery:

Following buttock enhancement procedures, many patients experience an immediate improvement in self-esteem and discover a greater self-confidence. In addition, many also find greater access to different clothing styles and fashions and are less self-conscious at the gym, around the pool, or at the beach.
However, the final results may be initially obscured by swelling after surgery. When the swelling subsides, sometimes taking a full three months, the true results will be more evident.
A buttock enhancement procedure should not be viewed as a magical cure however. While the procedure improves your shape and contour, you will have to make lifestyle changes in order to maintain the appearance of your new shape. A good, healthy diet and exercise regimen can be incorporated into one’s daily routine to maintain your look.

Patient safety warning: silicone injections
Always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon, if you are thinking of having this procedure. Silicone injections are unsafe and performed often by unscrupulous individuals, who are not doctors, not licensed and will disappear after your procedure.