Neck Lift Surgery Jackson MsAge often causes skin to lose its tone and muscles to begin to sag. The neck is an area that may age prematurely due to laxity of the neck muscle or accumulation of fat in the area. A procedure called neck lift, or platysmaplasty, can be performed, often in conjunction with liposuction, to remove unwanted fat and tighten the neck muscle.

What to Expect

During your consultation, your Jackson, MS neck lift physician will begin by reviewing your medical history. Fully disclosing any past surgeries, drug allergies or problems with anesthesia is important to your safety. Your Jackson, MS neck lift surgeon will also assess your current condition and discuss your goals. Finally, your surgeon will identify and explain the preferred techniques and incision placements best suited for your case. A neck lift can be an outpatient procedure and dramatically reduce the signs of aging.


Recovery time depends on extent of the procedure performed. Stitches will be removed in about one week. Some bruising and swelling should be expected but they should diminish within time.