Dupuytren’s Disease is an abnormal thickening in the palm or fingers of the hand, which ultimately limits movement. In severe cases fingers bend into the palm and they cannot be fully extended. The cause is not known, but the condition is frequently inherited. There is no permanent cure for this abnormality. It is usually painless with onset starting after age 40. Dupuytren’s Disease frequently occurs in people of North European or British descent. The disease usually begins when a knot or pit is noticed in the palm. Curvature of the fingers may later interfere with normal function.


While there is no permanent cure, hand surgery may release the fingers. The goal of the surgery is to restore as much normal use of the hand as possible. The condition may, however, return with time. A qualified Jackson, MS Dupuytren’s Disease specialist can diagnose and treat this disease according to the individual symptoms and severity.