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Candice | Brandon, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Candice“FINALLY, I LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A WOMAN MY AGE”

After two procedures with another surgeon, I still had the figure of an older woman. For four years, I thought that was as good as it gets.Thankfully, I sought a second opinion. With his expert skill and post-op care, Dr. Brantley gave me not only my figure but also my self confidence. I never dreamed I’d be one of the “Oh, I forgot to wear a bra” girls. Now, when I look in the mirror, I love the woman I see.

Suzette | Vicksburg, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Suzette“I FEEL LIKE AN ABSOLUTE JEWEL”

Before my reconstruction, I honestly thought I’d never feel “together” again. Well, not only did Dr. Brantley put me back together-he made me shine. He is so skilled, caring, nurturing, loving, compassionate, professional-
I could go on all day. Dr. Brantley is a master of his profession and a true jewel of a man. I’ll recommend Dr. Brantley and his staff to everyone I know, and I’ll always be grateful to him for his expert, genuine care.

Debra | Jackson, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Debra“I’M READY TO LIVE AGAIN”

I realize now that I’d always taken “normal” for granted. After being ravaged by cancer treatment and a failed reconstruction, I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever look right again. Fortunately for me, I met Dr. Brantley, a true visionary, who was able to picture what I couldn’t and make that picture a reality. He took my twisted torso in his hands and gave me, through his expert care, a normal female body. I’ll never take normal for granted again, and I’ll never be able to thank Dr. Brantley enough for giving me a new vision for my life.

Patient Testimonial 001

Dr. Brantley - Testimonial

Dear Dr. Brantley,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am embarking on my third year of private practice as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Over this short period I have gone from a relatively unknown entity to entity to becoming one of the busiest practices in Las Vegas. Much of this has to do with the level of service my staff provides, the quality of care my patients receive and the consistency with which above average results are achieved.

In reflecting on my academic career and professional training, the time I spent under your direction and training was surely a high light. Your trust and patience allowed me to develop into a competent and confident surgeon. Your success, dedications to the specialty and your drive inspired me to seek out the same for myself.

As a resident, I spent much of my limited free time traveling all over the country – Beverley Hills, New York City, South Florida, and Dallas, visiting with who I thought were “the masters”. I believed that these men and women possessed the information and skills that would help me to become a better surgeon. Sadly, I often found an unsubstantiated arrogance with little to contribute to my professional development. I realized that the only tangible growth experience I had was the time I spent in Mississippi.–Especially the time spent in the operating room with you.

It has become very apparent, that some of the most talented and capable surgeons that I have trained with are in Mississippi. I was truly blessed for having had that experience. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued guidance and support. And, I look forward to our continuing friendship and professional relationship.


Patient Testimonial 004

Dr. Brantley - Testimonial

Dear Dr. Brantley,

It is out of a sense of great admiration and respect that I feel obligated to let you know how I feel. I thank you for all the time you’ve contributed in helping me prepare for the last, and greatest academic test of my life; the oral plastic surgery boards. It is rare to find a physician, let alone an impossibly busy plastic surgeon so committed to the education of a colleague, and a friend, as to set aside time, and as such probably money, in selfless giving. To say just that would ignore the years you’ve given to me in surgical education. You should know that not an operative case goes by, that I don’t look back to the days I’ve spent in your operating room and recount your approach, and ask myself “What would Shelby do?” The greatest compliment one surgeon can give to another is to allow that colleague to operate on oneself. You should know that if I or any member of my family ever needed an operation, you would be the first I would look to.

Patient Testimonial 008

Dr. Brantley - Testimonial

Dear Dr. Brantley,

I have been involved in the “gymnastics world” ever since I was seven years old. I was a competitive gymnast from the age of seven until seventeen and had three and four hour practices everyday and competitions on the weekends. But, due to my active lifestyle as a young girl, I never matured physically as the other girls my age. As I entered high school, I became very insecure about this and would avoid many class activities, especially the swimming parties.

This insecurity led to me to the decision to have breast augmentation in order to improve my confidence and self-esteem. As I began my search for the right doctor, I came across your name. After not only reading, but also hearing about you, I decided that you were the doctor I was looking for.

Before my consultation, I was very nervous, but you helped me to feel right at home. You provided me with all the information that I needed to know. You also answered the questions that I had and helped me make several important decisions.

Three weeks after surgery, I couldn’t be happier. No only has my confidence greatly improved, but my self-esteem as well. My co-workers are now jealous of me(but very happy for me), where before, they teased me about my small size. I can now wear the clothing that I want, including swimsuits, and know that I am finally proportional. As I enter college this fall, I won’t have the physical insecurity holding me back that I did four years ago.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did an for making me feel very comfortable. you may never know how much it means to me.


Patient Testimonial 009

Dr. Brantley - Testimonial

Dr. Brantley,

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me! My scar on my leg looks better every day, and by summertime it won’t be near as obvious that it used to be! Thank you so much also for your patience and professionalism in handling my breast augmentation! I am so pleased with everything, and my clothes look so much better on me now than before. I even feel more confident in some aspects than I used to! You and your two nurses are the best and work so well together! All of you are highly sensitive to your patients worries and needs.

Thank you so much again for everything and for helping me feel better about myself! Please tell Susan and Shanel how much I appreciated their time and care! I will recommend you anytime someone asks me the name of an exceptional plastic surgeon!