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Lynda | Madison, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Lynda“NOTHING’S FEELS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN A NEW YOU”

After years of living in the Florida sun, my tan was long gone, but the damage to my skin stayed with me. That’s why I sought out Dr. Mani. He fully explained all my options and encouraged me to ask as many questions as I wanted. In that way, he made me feel in control through the entire decision-making process. In the end, I was healed, and though my skin damage has disappeared, my gratitude for Dr. Mani’s care never will.

Ashley | Flowood, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Ashley“I KNEW I HAD CHOSEN THE RIGHT DOCTOR”

From the first consultation visit all the way to the final check up, I knew I had chosen the right doctor! Dr. Mani and his nurses, Ann and Becky, were very professional, understanding, supportive, and made me feel more like a friend than just a patient. They took the time explaining things to expect and I never felt rushed if I had more questions. Prior to my surgery Dr. Mani called without my request to reassure and help calm my nerves about the procedures. I am grateful for the experience with a wonderfully skilled surgeon and his two nurses who took excellent care of me. Without a doubt, I would do it all over again! Dr. Mani helped me achieve my goals and gave me the body I’ve always wanted!

Shirley | Jackson, MS



I never planned on becoming a breast cancer survivor, because I never planned on experiencing breast cancer.  During my first visit with Dr. ManiSundaram and his nurses, Ann and Becky, they knew that I was really nervous and they made me feel relaxed.  I was a little afraid after my reconstruction and Dr. Mani sensed this, so he took the time to sit down and answer all of my questions.  Dr. Mani assured m that he would continue to take good care of me and I knew this would be true after hearing him tell another patient “Have a Blessed Day”.  Dr. Mani and his nurses did not treat me like a patient, but more like family.  They even got to know my husband and kids.  It’s for this reason and so many more that I believe Dr. Mani is not only a great surgeon, but a blessing from God.

Patient Testimonial 301

Dr. Mani - Testimonial


Dear Dr. Mani,

Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided for my wife. Please continue the good work.

Patient Testimonial 302

Dr. Mani - Testimonial

Dear Dr. Mani,

I just wanted to personally thank you for putting oil in my lamp so that I could continue to burn brightly! I was on top of the world – thanks to YOU!! You made this entire ordeal pain free and pleasant. I actually enjoyed the conversation between you and Steve and Becky while I was being lasered. You’re a very unique individual – my son always says “THAT MAN’s A GENIUS!” You have helped him feel better about himself too!

Patient Testimonial 303

Dr. Mani - Testimonial
Dr. Mani,

We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to you for all of your help with Timmy’s toe. You have been so good to our whole family. Thank you also for taking such good care of Becky. She is very lucky to work for such a great Person.

We’re sorry it took so long to get this card to you!!

Patient Testimonial 304

Dr. Mani - Testimonial

Dr. Mani, Ann & Becky,

I’m grateful to have a wonderful surgeon and two nurses who take excellent care of me. You three have helped me achieve my goals. I love my new & improved body. Thank you for all your help and hard work. Dr. Mani, Ann, & Becky, you are the BEST.

Patient Testimonial 305

Dr. Mani - Testimonial
Dear Dr. Mani,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and patience that’s needed for this surgery. This is a prayer being answered for me and I’m so grateful. On May 11, a burden will be lifted off of my shoulders and heart.

Patient Testimonial 306

Dr. Mani - Testimonial


Dr. Mani & Staff,

To thank you for the kindness that you took the time to show,

And tell you that it means much more than you will ever know!

For your professional care and thoughtfulness.