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Ashlee | Forest, MS


I had lost my self-esteem, not simply because of the size of my breasts but because they didn’t fit the rest of my body. When you can’t find clothes that fit right, it’s easy to think that nothing fits right. Then I met with Dr. Smith, who patiently talked me through all of the options, and, together, we decided on the right fit
for me. The results were amazing. It’s not just that my clothes feel right, it’s that I feel right. I have confidence. And thanks to Dr. Smith, I fit.

Patient Testimonial 501

smith testimonial01

Dr Smith,

(Patient) would like to tell you “Thank you for fixing her lip. She says you are so sweet.” Your kindness and generosity with your time was much appreciated. You turned what could have been a traumatic experience for (Patient) into one she tells others about with excitement.

Patient Testimonial 502

Smith Testimonial02

Dr. Smith & his great helpers: (Ha! new scrubs)

I just wanted you all to know just how much I appreciate everything you do for me. It makes me feel that I am being cared for by the best and you never fail to show how concerned you are for me!



Patient Testimonial 505

Smith Testimonial05

Dr Smith,

Words can not express how much we appreciate you and your staff. In all our visits to doctors’ offices we have never been treated so kindly. you were so gentle and patient with us. With these gifts I know you must truly be a special doctor. Thank you for all of the generosity we experienced in your office on that scary day!

In Christ,