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Tanya | Puckett, MS

Face & Body Center Testimonials - Tanya“I JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO BE HONEST WITH ME”

Surgery is overwhelming enough as it is, so it’s so important to find a doctor willing to take the time to ask questions, listen, and care enough to give honest answers. That’s exactly what I found in Dr. Wegener. He treated me not as one of his patients, but as his only patient. That individual care made me comfortable enough to ask hard questions, and his honest answers gave me the strength and confidence I needed to move forward, not only with surgery, but also with my life.

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Dr. Wegener - Testimonial

The staff at Dr. Eric Wegener’s office are number one in patient care,I was
not just treated like another patient,everyone was very caring they treated
me more like a friend or family member i would recommend them to anyone.