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All about Varicose Veins

By: Our Team


Face and Body Center - Cosmetic Procedures

We all have veins pulsating throughout our dynamically complex bodies, yet some of these veins can translate into the varicose classification. Varicose veins are gnarled, enlarged veins which can occur in any vein but commonly affect the ones found in the legs and feet. Reason being, standing or walking upright puts pressure on your lower body and the veins found throughout that system tend exhibit varicose characteristics. For some, varicose veins have escalated from a small, aesthetic feature to a painful, aching discomfort. Fortunately the Doctors at the Face and Body Center have medical solutions to these problems and want to address several upfront questions in this article to increase your understanding of this medical condition. Lets begin.. How could I develop varicose veins? As a person ages their chances of developing varicose veins increases. Also, if your family has a history of vein problems such as weak veins this increases your chances of developing the condition. In addition, hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, birth control bills, puberty, menopause, and living a sedentary lifestyle are all factors in developing varicose veins. How can I prevent varicose veins? Refrain from sitting or standing for long periods of time without interruption. Also, try to keep your legs elevated above your heart while lying or sitting down. Choose to wear loose fitting clothes and get plenty of weekly exercise. The Face and Body Center has certified doctors ready to answer any questions you may have regarding varicose veins or other cosmetic procedures you may have interest in. Please contact us today to take the next important step in your body’s future.

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