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Does Laser Treatment Hair Removal Really Work?

By: Our Team


Laser hair removal Mississippi

As much as we’d like to give up those depilatories, wax, razors and tweezers, it’s hard to take the plunge and expect real results. While no method is completely permanent, laser hair removal is the longest lasting option over traditional methods. It removes unwanted hair safely without damaging your skin and complexion.


Laser hair removal works by emitting a gentle beam of light that passes through skin to the hair follicle where it is absorbed. This energy, transformed into heat, destroys the hair follicle but leaves skin unaffected. The pain or discomfort is essentially nonexistent and the treatment duration can range from 10 minutes to an hour depending of the area being treated. The treated area might be a bit pink or red following your appointment, but there is no downtime or serious recovery.


While laser hair removal options are a dime a dozen, popping up in informal environments like shopping malls, salons, and walk-in-clinics, it is extremely important for potential patients to choose a professional healthcare provider. Treatments should be overseen and performed by a dermatologist or other physician who has had official training and experience. At Face and Body Center, our results are safe, convenient, and hassle-free. The treatment gives you the smooth look you’ve desired. Lastly, for the upcoming holiday season, the laser hair removal treatments can be a great gift option for yourself or someone you love that has been toying with the idea! We have package options available for your convenience. Talk to your Face and Body physician to determine the plan of action for your laser hair removal. Contact us for appointment availability and treatment details. Here’s to a smoother 2014!

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