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Don’t Be An Impatient Patient

By: Dr. Adrian Smith


How to be a good patient

We live in a fast paced world where nothing is ever fast enough. We are impatiently waiting on our fast food, sitting in miles of slow moving traffic, or anxiously awaiting a web order to arrive. Patience can be difficult to practice, but the time to use real restraint is before, during, and after cosmetic surgery. Proper preparation is key and it is important to realize that good results may not be immediate. Months or even years may be necessary for a patient to realize the best results. It is absolutely necessary to wait for the best results and to NOT be an IMPATIENT PATIENT as well as to look for a plastic surgeon who abides by that same rule.

Before & After Pictures

Our society is obsessed with looking at before and after pictures of plastic surgery. Looking at celebs-- good or bad--before they went under the knife is always intriguing. Although it is interesting to look at the startling results, experts advise that there is more to take into consideration. Whenever someone is considering plastic surgery, it is important to look at longevity to see if the surgery had long-lasting results. Do not be afraid to ask your surgeon questions. An after picture that is three months out might look great, but it may not look the same in three years. According to experts, patience will pay off, if a woman or man is willing to take the time necessary to heal and recover. Although they attempt to explain in every patient consultation that it takes time for the implant to settle, Dr. Adrian Smith says he has patients that are two weeks out of surgery wondering why their implants are so high. A patient will see an immediate change in their breast; but according to Dr. Smith, it takes at least six weeks for the implant to actually settle into a more natural position.

A Long-Term Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Smith - Plastic surgeon in Mississippi

Just as you want your liposuction to be successful long-term or you want your breast implants to last a long time, your relationship with your plastic surgeon should be long term. It is becoming a common practice for plastic surgeons to end a relationship with a patient after only a few months post-surgery due to heavy caseloads. According to Dr. Smith, “a patient who consistently visits the surgeon is normally happier with their results. The patient tends to be more comfortable with the plastic surgeon allowing them to have better communication.”

Real Results Take Time

results take time

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery of ASPS, each year more than 14 million people decide to surgically enhance or improve some part of their body using cosmetic surgery. Whether you want a surgical procedure or minimally-invasive techniques that continue to improve, offering the chance at erased love handles, a flatter stomach, or a perkier bottom, plastic surgery offers something for everyone. Patients tend to be smart when choosing the proper procedure, but selecting the best plastic surgeon is just as important. A surgeon that believes that long-term monitoring is key to a positive outcome is pertinent. The products that surgeons use are becoming increasingly well-made. A normal shelf-life of a gel implant is 15-30 years; therefore, the surgery results should last as long as the implant. Without proper monitoring, surgery may have to be repeated. Dr. Smith says that a plastic surgeon wants a patient to be a patient for a lifetime.

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