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Five Areas You Never Knew Could Look So Good With Liposuction

By: Our Team


Liposuction for your face in Mississippi

It’s difficult to say whether it’s our impulse or some other habit, but when it comes to appearances, it’s the little things we focus on and find the most bothersome. Those small problem areas nag at us, even after achieving major weight loss or other various fitness goals, and even when we’re otherwise happy with our overall appearance.

In some instances, liposuction can be a quintessential way to resolve those problem areas. By specifically focusing on the areas that are bothersome to you, lipo can restore youth in places you had never expected. 

1)      Your jawline: Fatty deposits create a double chin and cause jowls, which causes you to look older. By slimming your jawline, under the chin, and through the upper neck region with liposuction, you could look thinner and may have years taken off your face.

2)      Your torso: Even naturally skinny women may feel ashamed about fatty parts in their back and upper torso, particularly those areas that bulge out around bras and swimsuit tops.

3)      “Cankles”: Typically, the transition area from the calf to the ankle is slender and elegant... except when you have “cankles.” An ankle that is lacking opulent lines can be shaped with the assistance of leg liposuction.

4)      Your breasts: Apprehension over possible scarring may cause some women to be hesitant to consider surgical breast reduction. Liposuction provides a “scarless” solution to remove excess fatty tissue for a more graceful shape. It’s important to keep in mind that lipo is better for subtle reshaping, rather than a substantial reduction.

5)      The male chest: Women are not the only people who are self-conscious with their breast size. Many men suffer from gynecomastia, which is the growth of abnormally large breasts, caused by excess growth of breast tissue, but not excess fat tissue. With liposuction, muscular definition can be revealed and it can create a more firm, concentrated torso. If you are happy with your overall body appearance but are stuck on stubborn spots, it may be time to schedule a consultation with the Face & Body Center.

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