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Ladies, Are Your Private Parts Ready for the Nude Beach?

By: Dr. Shelby K. Brantley, Jr.


The cosmetic appearance of the mons and female genitalia has spawned a plethora of new noninvasive as well as invasive procedures designed to make the genital area as attractive as feasible as it now generates a lot of attention appearance wise.  I feel this has largely been a byproduct of ladies feeling comfortable changing in front of peers (whether at the gym or out shopping), as well as the ready availability of porn from electronic devices such as phones and computers.  With the touch of a finger, one can practically see anything they wish which allows to easily compare their anatomy with others.  One no longer has to go to gentlemen’s clubs or embarrassingly buy a ‘girlie magazine’ to get a visual.  This has led to women comparing and thinking their privates don’t look like they are supposed to.  Changes in personal grooming habits has most women partially or completely shaving the labia and mons which unmasks and makes readily visible undesired characteristics.  Most people want to have the ‘perceived norm’ with every part of their body thus the interest in vaginal rejuvenation.

A litany of options are available to improve appearance.  If the mons is fatty, liposuction will be the answer.  If the mons is droopy, perhaps a tummy tuck including elevation of the mons is involved. With external genitalia, the perceived norm is that the labia minora is perhaps slightly visible or completely hidden by the labia majora.  If the labia minora is excessive and thus visible or hypertrophied, a labiaplasty may be in order which allows for trimming the excess.  At times, the labia majora may be underdeveloped and autologous fat grafting will solve the problem.

Noninvasive radiofrequency and laser devices are now used to address external genitalia and the vaginal vault.  These devices are designed to tighten loose skin and mucosa to help improve the turgor and tightness of these areas.  Some purport to help with vaginal dryness that may impede intercourse and cause itching.  Another touted advantage is that it may help with stress incontinence.

In short, there are a multitude of options that may make your next trip to a nude beach more enjoyable.  An unlikely beach trip for most, but we certainly could enhance your next intimate experience and allow you to have the confidence that you look great “down there”.


Dr. Brantley

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