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Q&A About Breast Implant Illness and Breast Implant Removal

By: Our Team


Women choose to have breast implant removal for a number of reasons. Perhaps they want a simple adjustment in shape and size or they’re looking for a lifestyle change. Others desire to resolve medical complications from previous breast surgeries. For example, some women who experience the effects of breast implant illness (BII) may want an examination to review their options. No matter the reason, the team at The Face & Body Center can safely and efficiently remove breast implants using cutting-edge techniques to help patients achieve optimal results. Contact our office in Metro and Jackson, MS to schedule a consultation.

What is breast implant illness (BII)?

Breast implant illness is a term some people use to refer to symptoms that develop as a result of breast augmentation. BII can occur with either saline or silicone implants, including those with a smooth or textured surface. Symptoms of BII can appear any time after surgery, with some people developing symptoms immediately and others developing them years later. Patients have reported joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems, sleep disturbance, and hair loss, along with other problems.

The FDA, along with major plastic surgery societies, devote resources to fully understand breast implant illness symptoms and the risk factors involved. Some attribute increased reporting as a result of recent online attention and social media groups that raise awareness of the condition. Regardless, we believe that the symptoms felt by patients are quite real. Currently, there are no diagnostic tests to determine if a patient has BII, which is why many choose to remove their breast implants and resolve the symptoms.

Is breast implant removal safe?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most sought-after treatments in the world today. Our plastic surgeons have years of experience performing augmentation, offering implants that enhance the overall appearance of the breasts. If for any reason you desire to have the implants removed, we can discuss this possibility during a consultation at our office. We will perform an assessment and discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing in relation to the implants. We can also inform you about breast implant illness symptoms and how to treat them with breast implant removal in Metro and Jackson, MS.

Breast implant removal is performed as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia. Based on your natural tissue and desired results, implant removal may be combined with a lift surgery to improve the breast shape after surgery. Once the procedure is completed, patients are educated on how to care for the surgical sites. There may be some swelling and bruising for the first few weeks. Patients are encouraged to get up and move around, but should limit strenuous exercise until they have been approved by their doctor. Full recovery takes about 4 – 6 weeks, after which you should be able to see the final results.

How is en bloc capsulectomy performed?

There are many techniques to surgically remove breast implants, including one called en bloc capsulectomy. In the case of women who have breast implant illness symptoms, the en bloc procedure is usually the preferred choice. This procedure involves carefully removing the breast implant as well as the scar tissue that grows around it. En bloc capsulectomy ensures that no residue or material is left behind after surgery. It also allows the natural breast tissue to settle back into their original positions, restoring a natural-looking appearance.

The exact procedure for breast implant removal looks different for each patient. If you have questions or concerns about what your breasts will look like after implant removal, we encourage you to reach out to our office. The caring and knowledgeable staff at The Face & Body Center will discuss the individual process in-depth with you before moving forward. Since en bloc is a delicate procedure, it must be performed by a skilled breast surgeon to yield successful results. Our team always puts patient comfort and satisfaction above all else.

Schedule your breast implant consultation

If you feel discomfort or are dissatisfied with your previous breast augmentation procedure or want to know more about BII, it is possible to have breast implants removed or replaced. Before you remove your breast implants, its important to be informed about the surgery and all of your options. The physicians at The Face & Body Center believe that patient education is essential to achieving the best cosmetic surgery results. We aim to provide all of the necessary information about each procedure through a private consultation. To learn more about breast implant illness symptoms, breast implant removal, and en bloc capsulectomy, reach out and schedule an appointment at our office in Metro and Jackson, MS.

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