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The Importance of Hands

By: Our Team


  Hand Surgery Mississippi

An injury to the hand that leaves the member malformed can be debilitating. Damage to any one of the mechanisms of the hand, such as the tendons, ligaments, or the joints between the bones, can severely hamper someone’s lifestyle and infringe on their career. People use their hands a lot in their day-to-day lives, and use them to interact with and manipulate the world around them. Damage to this mechanism that is left untreated can be not only disruptive but ruinous in its effects. Your hand is a complex mechanism with many working parts influencing its function, so any one problem may negatively impact the hand as a whole, causing wear or stress causing further pain or damage. Surgery may be an effective solution for repairing any damage caused by hand injuries. The capable Jackson, MS based hand surgeons at Face & Body Center can repair damage to the underlying structures in your hand to return functionality and remove negative impacts such as chronic pain or reduced range of motion or motor function. Damage caused by injury or other negative impacts on hand and wrist function such as arthritis, trouble with connective tissue such as tendons or ligaments, underlying nerve problems, or hereditary diseases such as Dupuytren’s contracture (“Vikings Disease”) that may reduce function in your hand are ultimately quite repairable. If you have injured your hands or have lingering extant issues with pain or functionality, do not wait any longer. Ask your doctor about the possibility of implementing hand surgery today.

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