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What Are the Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal?

By: Our Team

Why go with laser tattoo removal?

Certain tastes, hobbies, and interests may evolve over time, but the reality is, the condition of your skin and the enthusiasm for your tattoos doesn’t always follow along with them. At The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates in Flowood, MS, Dr. Michael G. Kanosky and the rest of our committed and experienced team have a simple solution for just that. Today, modern advances in laser tattoo removal have made it entirely possible to remove your unwanted tattoos quickly, effectively, and carefully. And with our personalized plan for post-procedure laser skin treatments, you’ll be looking and feeling good about your skin once again with minimal downtime — and a noticeably new confidence.

So how do you know if laser tattoo removal is the right procedure for you? Dr. Kanosky and his staff have developed a list of some of the many benefits of tattoo removal they would like to share to ease any apprehension you may have before moving forward. From chemical peels and dermabrasion to surgical excision and strategic alterations, you have many options for tattoo removal at your disposal. But here at The Face & Body Center serving the Metro Jackson, MS area, we believe some of the top benefits of nonsurgical tattoo removal lie in laser treatments for a safe, successful, and minimally painless experience that will seem to be over in no time at all.

Five benefits of laser tattoo removal treatments

1) The tattoo removal process is strategically pre-planned and quicker than ever.

Our nonsurgical laser procedures will vary by person, and will be individually assessed before we begin. Each scheduled session will be dependent on the size and detail of the tattoo you want removed, but treatment can generally be completed in less than 30 minutes, not hours like it used to be. What you can expect, no matter what your assessment may be, is to start seeing the substantial results of your treatment about two weeks after your most recent session.

2) Tattoo-fading technology has become more advanced and effective.

We are proud to utilize the Q-switched Alex TriVantage laser, which was specifically designed for multi-color tattoo laser treatments and pigmented lesions on all skin types, and is particularly effective on darker ink colors like green, blue, and black. However, new laser-pumped laser advances have made this treatment successful with most ink colors.

3) Lasers now hit targets with remarkable precision.

The light emitted from the Alex TriVantage laser was developed to specifically target and break up your unwanted ink for treatment spots as small as 2 mm at a high-pulse repetition rate. Such accuracy not only prevents recurring discomfort, but also gets you in and out of your session as quickly as possible without sacrificing your positive outcome.

4) Even patients with sensitive skin tend to experience minimal skin damage.

Due to the heat of the laser, you may feel some discomfort over the course of your treatment. Rest assured, you will have the option to choose a topical numbing cream before your procedure in order to make the overall experience as painless as possible. Scarring should not be an issue, as the laser was developed to avoid all of your healthy and unmarked skin cells. Though some redness or soreness may occur, there are a multitude of topical solutions to help ease any pain.

5) Laser tattoo removal is safer than most other procedures out there.

At The Face & Body Center, the safety and comfort of our patients in the Metro Jackson, MS, area is always our top priority. With the small, single pulses of the Q-switched laser, any worries you may have should be quickly removed right along with your tattoo. While there may be some initial irritation or residual tenderness after your sessions, the overall procedure should be far less painful than getting your original tattoo.

Taking care of your skin after laser tattoo removal

The benefits of laser tattoo removal don’t stop there. Aftercare is a critical part of any procedure, and Dr. Kanosky is committed to your quick and complete recovery. Your treatment sessions will be carefully customized based on your current skin condition, the color and details of your tattoo, and the number of return visits necessary to produce long-lasting results. To help ensure an optimal outcome after each appointment, it’s important to protect your skin from any harmful ultraviolet rays or other unexpected contact and conditions. We always recommend leaving the dressing on your skin until your next scheduled appointment to aid in the overall recovery process.

At The Face & Body Center in Flowood, MS, we believe there’s no such thing as a "permanent" tattoo. The only thing we hope is permanent is your satisfaction with the work and care that Dr. Kanosky and our team of dedicated professionals consistently deliver. If you’re thinking about the best minimally invasive options for your tattoo removal, contact us today for a personalized consultation about the benefits of laser treatments.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary. All before and after pictures are real patients of The Face & Body Center