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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Flowood/Jackson, MS

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About Breast Lift Surgery

If you're suffering from sagging breasts that have lost their perkiness due to weight loss, aging, or childbirth, then a breast lift procedure can help rejuvenate your figure and restore your bustline to a more supple position. Our board-certified Flowood and Jackson, MS plastic surgeons at The Face & Body Center can elevate the breast tissue to your desired placement and tighten the skin. This procedure is also very effective when paired with a breast augmentation or other enhancement surgeries to truly take your aesthetics to the next level. If you're ready to get your youthful breasts back, then schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons today. We can help you decide on the best procedures and treatment plan.

Ideal Candidates

During the initial consultation and after a thorough exam, we will help determine if a breast lift is the right surgery for you. Ideal candidates for this operation are women who:

  • Have realistic ideas about what breast lift surgery can do
  • Have breasts that sag or need a better shape
  • Have breasts that hang, are stretched out, or are asymmetrical
  • Have nipples that point downward or rest underneath the breasts
  • Have lost skin elasticity with weight loss,  pregnancy, or age

Wonderful Surgeon - Breast Lift with Implants - Let me start by saying Dr. Barraza is a wonderful surgeon and I would recommend him a thousand times! He truly cares about your well being and putting your best interest first. I saw Dr. Barraza a few years ago for my first breast lift consult(I was 23) but never moved forward with the procedure. Two years later and still unhappy, I decided to go back and just had my surgery a little over a month ago. The procedure was 100% worth it!! Procedure- I will start by saying I am 25 yrs old and had a Breast lift with implants(325cc each side). I had an idea of what I wanted the end results to look like and informed my surgeon I did not care to be huge, however, left the implants size and overall look in his hands. Sizes and results can look different to everyone but I trusted Dr. Barraza to choose the right fit for me, and he did just that! ...Your surgeon is there for a reason! I recommend letting them use their skills to do what fits you best!Now let me be honest about recovery- in the beginning it was HARD and for 2-3 weeks I had feelings of regret, however, I am now 7 weeks post-op and could not be happier that I went through with the procedure and I am very pleased with my results. TRUST your surgeon and give yourself time to heal before having an opinion on what they look like. He or she should have the professional skills to do what is right for you and your body type. Let me also say that it is VERY true and the more you get up and move the easier recovery will be. I started walking around the house a few hours after surgery.

E. RealSelf

Dr.Arian Smith and his assistants Chelsea and Jennifer were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable. I had a tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and implants. I look and feel so amazing.

H.W. Facebook

The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly - Don't walk, RUN to Dr. Brantley! I have wanted a breast augmentation for years, but after having babies I knew it was finally time. Breastfeeding left me with hollow and droopy breast. After meeting with Dr. Brantley and Macala I immediately knew I made the right decision. I had a breast lift with implants and WOW I am so pleased. For so many years I didn't even want to look at my chest in the mirror and especially insecure during bathing suit season. I feel much more confidant in my own skin and also for my husband! Dr. Brantley is truly an artist and an amazing doctor. I could talk all day about sweet Macala. She answered every email I sent her right away and was so sweet about ALL of my questions before and after surgery. She is top notch and made my experience so amazing. Also, I want to add that the morning of my surgery was so easy and a wonderful experience. The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were very comforting and sweet. Y'all I could go on and on about Dr. Brantley and his team, they got it going on for sure!!!!

N. RealSelf

My breasts are beautiful, my stomach is flat, and incisions are healing - This may be too long, it's hard to sum everything up in a short paragraph.My journey with Dr. Brantley and his staff started on January 27, 2022, this was also my 51st birthday.After years of dieting, I finally found what worked and I made the decision to have my consult. Let me just say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I was so nervous when Dr. Brantley walked in, I told him I feel like I may throw up, when asked why and I told him I had been wanting this for so long that I was scared. He and his staff made me feel so comfortable that my nerves melted away. I also knew he was the doctor for me when he said he liked tattoos.I decided I wanted the tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift with implants and the inner thigh lift. It does seem like a lot at one time but he reassured me that it could be done and I felt I could do it. I told him I wanted to lose a few more pounds and he said that didn't matter, what mattered was what I saw in the mirror. What he couldn't know at the time that I cried when I looked in the mirror, I was so unhappy with the fat and skin I could see hanging and the breast that were hanging low and resting on my stomach. He did warn me that if my numbers dropped the thighs would not be done, I was so determined I upped my cardio daily to make sure my numbers stayed good. Tuesday July 5th was the day that changed my outlook on life. I was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours and everything was done. To be honest, I do not remember much about that day after I was released. I remember the day after because I had to go to the bathroom all the time with help. Yes, I had pain, I was expecting it but with the medication it was manageable. On Thursday when Mom came to get me up for the bathroom, I was coming out the door myself (I did get in trouble for that) but I was ready to get up and move. After that I was on a roll, I'm not going to say it was a piece a cake, but it was a lot easier than I was told it would be. On the third week, I was already back working part time and getting back to normal life. I did rest when needed which was hard because I am not a patient person, when I mentioned that to Dr. Brantley, he ask how that was working out for me. Let's just say it was a learning experience for me. With all this being said just know I am 7 weeks post op now. I am back to walking my 2 miles a day and have been for 2 weeks. My incisions are healing beautifully because the scar cream really does work. I kept weekly pics of my healing and I have been looking back over my journey. I may not be through with it because I may have something done with my stretch marks from the kids and yoyo dieting. Last thing I can say is I know longer feel sad and cry when I see the mirror, I walk around proud of the way I look. My breast are beautiful, my stomach is flat and my inner thighs don't look like cottage cheese. I cannot say enough about Dr. Brantley and his staff, they are all wonderful, caring people who will help in any way they can. A big shout out to Macala who I emailed every week since my surgery, she has been great. Thank you for everything, Angela Jones

E. RealSelf

I Had a Great Experience and I Highly Recommend Dr. Brantley and His Amazing Staff! - I had a "mommy makeover" done by Dr. Brantley in October of 2021. He performed a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift with implants. Dr. Brantley and his entire staff are very kind, courteous, and professional. They answered all of my questions in person, by phone, and email (I had a lot) thoroughly and never acted as if I was being bothersome. Dr. Brantley went over the entire procedure during our consultation and again before he performed the surgery. The surgery went exactly as planned. I had liposuction done to my stomach and back. I had a tummy tuck, and I had a breast lift with implants. I was around a C 1/2 before the surgery. We discussed just doing a lift without implants but Ms. Macala showed me pictures of a lift with implants and without. I decided the lift looks better WITH the implants. I only went up about a half size to a D because I am a smaller person and I wanted them to look more natural. The liposuction to my stomach area and the tummy tuck were extremely successful. The liposuction to my back wasn't as noticeable. There is still a little fat in my back area. However I'm working on that with diet and exercise. The recovery process was comparable to a 2nd or 3rd C-section. I say that because I have had 2 C-sections and my 1st was a breeze. I was pretty sore for around a week, but I could manage ok after about 3 days. I haven't had any complications during recovery. Everything looks very good. I do have some scaring even after using the recommended scar gel. My abdomen scars from the tummy tuck are pretty noticeable. But honestly no one sees those except my husband anyways. And they do look better if I have been tanning. The only thing that seems out of the ordinary with my experience is that the dissolvable stitches in my abdomen have not dissolved yet. They are still very much intact. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brantley and am happy with the decision to have the mommy makeup surgery. I love my results!!

C. RealSelf


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What to Expect

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is considered an outpatient surgery. There will be many factors to discuss prior to the surgery, including where the incision will be placed. There are three commonly practiced incision points made in lift surgery:

  • Incision made along each areola
  • Incision made along each areola, plus a vertical incision down to the crease under the breasts
  • Incision made along each areola, plus a vertical incision down to the crease under the breast, and another horizontal line following the direction of the breast fold

The incision is usually chosen based on how invasive the lift needs to be. This procedure will produce scars; however, the plastic surgeon will do everything possible to make the scars less visible or easily concealed. We will also provide information on how to best care for your surgical wounds for more attractive results.

Anticipated Results

With breast lift surgery, the patient will see immediate results in the shape of the breasts, but the final result will be visible after the swelling from surgery subsides. The recovery will vary since many patients will have a breast lift in combination with another plastic surgery procedure, such as a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or tummy tuck. Patients will be urged to do light activities such as slowly moving around the room, or spending a few minutes standing within the first 48 hours to stimulate blood circulation. There should be no heavy lifting or strenuous activity involving the chest whatsoever. You can restart your normal activities within 2 – 3 weeks, but exercise should not be attempted for 6 – 8 weeks. There is a myth that women who have breast lift surgery never have to wear a bra again. This is not true as you will want to wear a bra to keep the breasts in the right position. The breast skin will continue to age regardless of this surgical intervention, but it should never be as severe as it was before breast lift surgery.

About Us

Get Back Your Perky Breasts!

You can have the healthy and youthful breasts you once had with breast lift surgery. We invite you to have a complimentary consultation with our plastic surgeon today and discuss if this surgery is right for you. Whether it is suggested to have just a breast lift or more, we can help you look and feel younger and fantastic.

How much does a breast lift cost?

In your initial appointment at The Face & Body Center, we will listen to your wants and goals before creating your personal treatment plan. After that, we can estimate your costs. When done well, a breast lift can significantly improve your body, so it is important to concentrate on having a skilled surgeon with extensive training rather than prices. To help make surgery affordable, The Face & Body Center can help you find low-interest financing.

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants?

Whether you should have a breast lift, an augmentation with implants, or both will depend on your unique goals. Oftentimes, a breast lift will enhance the shape and fullness of your breasts without implants. Your surgeon will evaluate your physical condition and listen to your goals at your consultation, then decide whether you should get a lift, implants, or an augmentation with a lift.

Will my nipples be moved?

Generally, the nipple-areola complex will be shifted up in the breast lift. If your areolas are excessively large or stretched, your surgeon can incorporate an areola reduction during your surgery. This can be discussed during your consultation so we can choose the ideal incision pattern and technique to use during your breast lift.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models. All before and after pictures are real patients of The Face & Body Center