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Breast Reconstruction in Flowood, MS

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About Reconstructive Surgery

Overcoming cancer is an enormous feat that we at The Face & Body Center celebrate. Our team of surgeons offers breast reconstruction procedures to restore your breasts after having a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other cancer treatments. These surgeries can help reshape and rebuild your breast tissue through a combination of grafting and implants, as well as nipple reconstruction and other procedures that can make your breasts look natural and beautiful. If you're in the Flowood and Jackson, MS area, then we can help restore your confidence and reconstruct your body to give you the results you desire. Contact our office to consult with one of our skilled plastic surgeons today.

Best Candidates

With compassion and respect for the patient, our practice offers breast reconstruction surgery to:

  • Breast cancer survivors who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Women who are scheduled to receive aggressive treatment for breast cancer (the removal of one or both breasts)
  • Women who have experienced a traumatic injury or have birth defects in the chest area

Awesome Experince - After visiting just about every Surgeon in MS and LA, I saw Dr. Davidson, I knew right then he was my pick. In October 2016 I went in to the office and he drained my 450 each breast saline implants. No pain so simple, sent me home and said come back in 6 weeks. Mind you I still had the bags in. Thought this would be hard really never knew they were there. I had some pre-cancerous spots...

A. RealSelf

Dr. Davidson and The Face and Body Center were the best thing to happen to me in December 2018. I am a Breast cancer survivor and needed to have some difficult reconstruction work done. Dr. Davidson meet with me and was kind and honest and he delivered exactly what he told me!! He has the best bed-side manner and his nurse Lindsey is a jewel!! High recommend you see him if you are needing an reconstruction.

P.W. Office Visit

Reconstruction Post Bilateral Mastectomy - Dr. Brantley performed bilateral breast reconstruction following bilateral mastectomy for Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. It took 3 additional surgeries to obtain the desired results. All of my questions and concerns were addressed by Dr. Brantley, Susan and Devin and they were so supportive during this difficult time. I am very pleased with the end results. Everyone, from scheduling my first consult to checking out on my last post op visit, was kind and helpful.

R. RealSelf

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2020. Dr. Davidson performed my biopsy, told me the results a week later, and completed my reconstruction beautifully after the double mastectomy. Even the scars are healing beyond my expectations. He was so very compassionate and supportive, along with the two beautiful Lindsays who work by his side. Today, March 2021, I have completed the last phase of the reconstruction, and I am so pleased with the results. The cancer and surgeries are now in the past. As I look back, just four and a half months since my diagnosis, I feel stronger and healthier than ever. When you hear of people being diagnosed with cancer, you think, or at least I did, I don't think I could ever handle that. However, through faith and prayer, God gave me the strength I needed one day at a time, blessed me with a very supportive, loving family to help me while I healed, and God led me to the best medical professionals, including Dr. Davidson and his staff.

A.R. Google

Exceptional Care Provided - Dr. Brantley is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but an empathetic and caring practitioner. He ensured that I received the best outcome and result from my bilateral breast reconstruction. His staff is kind, polite, responsive to questions and concerns, and well trained. I am grateful to Dr. Brantley and his staff for providing me with exceptional care.

S. RealSelf


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What to Expect

There are numerous ways to reconstruct the breasts following cancer or trauma. The first stage in the reconstruction process generally involves the placement of a tissue expander that is inserted within the breast pocket. This deflated expander is used to stretch the skin over a period of time to make room for an implant or fat transfer. From this stage, several techniques may be considered:

  • Latissimus Flap Technique

A process that involves transferring tissue from the latissimus  dorsi muscle and skin on the back to the breast.

  •  Implant Placement

Once the expander is in place, saline will be injected into it about every 2 – 3 weeks. Once the appropriate size has been attained, the expander will be replaced with either a silicone or saline implant.

  • TRAM Flap Technique

The TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous) flap technique is a reconstruction surgery that is performed in two stages. Tissue, muscle, fat, and skin are taken from the lower abdomen and are used to reshape the chest wall, using as much tissue and fat as needed to produce a desired contour. This is an approach for patients who desire an autologous approach and do not wish to not have implants.

It is important to note that nipple reconstruction or other similar procedures will be performed separately.

Anticipated Results

If you will receive chemotherapy after the mastectomy but want to have breast implants, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about scheduling the surgeries around your chemo appointments. These surgeries are still viable options if you are undergoing treatment. Overall, breast reconstruction procudes a long-lasting result, presenting you with a restored bustline for years to come.

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Contact our friendly staff about scheduling an appointment to discuss breast reconstruction. These procedures can turn this emotional and painful prognosis around with the careful, skillful talent of our board-certified reconstructive surgeons. Call and schedule an consult today.

How much does breast reconstruction surgery cost?

Breast reconstruction surgery can be complicated, so to get great results, you should concentrate on selecting a plastic surgeon who has years of experience and training — over the cheapest price. At your initial consultation, our team will take time to understand your needs and cosmetic goals before creating your custom treatment plan. Then, we can review the costs, options for payment, and low-interest medical financing.

Does insurance cover my surgery?

Enacted in 1998, the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) requires health insurance policies that cover mastectomies to cover reconstruction surgery as well. If you have insurance, a team member at The Face & Body Center will help you understand your policy and benefits. We will also help you submit needed information to your insurance carrier.

What about nipple reconstruction?

Reconstruction of the nipple and areola is usually accomplished using cosmetic tattooing. If you're interested in having your nipple-areola complex tattooed onto your reconstructed breast(s), you should speak with your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation. They will go over your options to help you decide whether you'd like 3D tattooing of the nipple and areola to be included in your treatment plan.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models. All before and after pictures are real patients of The Face & Body Center