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About Hand Surgery

Our team of talented surgeons at our Flowood, MS practice, The Face & Body Center, are proud to offer a number of different treatments for common hand conditions. Some of the conditions we treat are Dupuytren's disease, arthritis, trigger finger, and Raynaud's disease. All of these ailments can greatly affect your quality of life, leave you feeling constant discomfort, and make you unable to move your hands properly. Our surgeons have an extensive knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the hands in order to restore their functionality to the best of their ability. By scheduling a consultation, we can assess your condition and help determine the appropriate steps for correcting the issues. Call our office today to start your custom treatment plan.

Common Hand Conditions


Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints; it can affect other parts of your body, but it typically begins in the hands. Osteoarthritis (causes the cartilage in the hands to break down) and rheumatoid arthritis (affects the lining in the joints) are the most common kinds, but base of thumb arthritis and metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint arthritis can also occur in the hands. Symptoms include stiffness and pain in the joints.


Dupuytren’s disease, a condition that is more commonly found in older men, is a hand deformity where the tissue in the palm of the hand thickens and causes the fingers to be in a frozen bent position. This condition makes it hard for the person to extend all of their fingers (especially the ring and the little finger), shake hands, put their hands in their pockets, and grasp objects.


Severe inflammation of the tendons within the fingers or thumb can cause a condition called stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger. This painful condition can cause the fingers to be set in a bent, fixed position.


This is a disorder that affects the blood vessels primarily in the fingers and toes. It is characterized by episodic attacks called vasospastic attacks that cause the blood vessels in the digits to constrict (tighten or close).

Nonsurgical Treatment

Prior to suggesting surgery, one of our experienced hand surgeons may seek a nonsurgical approach to treatment. This can include anti-inflammatory/corticosteroid medications or the placement of a splint. Steroid or anesthetic injections may also be a beneficial treatment option. For more severe cases of Raynaud's disease, BOTOX injections are proven to be effective in relieving painful symptoms. 

Surgical Treatment

Handy surgery is performed in an accredited, outpatient surgery center. The number of hours in the surgical suite and level of anesthesia will be dependent on the patient and severity of the case. Once in recovery, you will be advised on wound care and how to clean and bandage the area. It is best to keep all appointments following the procedures for optimal results.

Anticipated Results

As our hand surgery patients are individually unique, it is difficult to give an estimate on healing and recovery time. We will educate you on how to care for your incisions to prevent infection and promote the growth of healthy skin tissue. You can expect to have several follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon so that we can monitor your progress and recovery, pain management, and in some cases, to determine if there is a need for physical therapy.

Improve Your Quality of Life

While an orthopedic surgeon will be primarily focused on the functionality of the hand, our plastic surgeon concentrates efforts on functionality and aesthetics together for optimal health. If you are in the process of searching for a hand surgeon, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about us. With significantly experienced and skilled hand surgeons, we can help restore your hand so that it functions properly and looks natural. 

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