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About Laser Vein Treatment

Spider and varicose veins can appear under the skin in places such as the legs, face, and hands. They can resemble red or purple-colored, webbed, branch-like lines that are caused by broken and blown out blood vessels. These veins can cause insecurity and self-consciousness when wearing certain clothing such as shorts and bathing suits. If you're suffering from this condition, then our team of plastic surgeons can help you restore your appearance through laser vein treatments. The laser can target and help reduce the visibility of the veins for improved self-esteem and overall appearance. If you'd like to learn more about starting your sessions, then call The Face & Body Center in Flowood, MS today. 

Ideal Candidates

You will be a good candidate for laser vein removal if:

  • You have varicose and spider veins in areas such as your legs and face
  • You have tried topical solutions and have had little success
  • You are searching for a long-term solution
  • You are in overall good health with a strong immune system

What to Expect

Your laser treatment will be a short outpatient procedure that should produce minimal discomfort. The heat from the GentleYAG laser system will target the veins, eventually causing them to collapse and reduce in size and appearance. You will most likely require multiple sessions to get the desired results. This procedure does not require downtime afterward, though some swelling is normal.

anticipated results

After a number of sessions, you should begin to see your veins diminish and become gradually less visible. It will usually take 2 – 3 weeks after your session to notice the full results. You should experience long-lasting vein removal when you are done with your treatment.

Restore your appearance

If you're embarrassed to show certain parts of your body due to your unattractive varicose or spider veins, then consider undergoing a minimally invasive procedure to address these concerns. To eliminate unwanted veins on the face and body, schedule a consultation to learn more about our laser vein treatments. Our team of surgeons and medical professionals can help restore your appearance in a few short sessions. 

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