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Reviews for Breast Augmentation With Lift Procedures Near Flowood, MS

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Feb 14 2023

"I Had a Great Experience and I Highly Recommend Dr. Brantley and His Amazing Staff! - I had a "mommy makeover" done by Dr. Brantley in October of 2021. He performed a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift with implants. Dr. Brantley and his entire staff are very kind, courteous, and professional. They answered all of my questions in person, by phone, and email (I had a lot) thoroughly and never acted as if I was being bothersome. Dr. Brantley went over the entire procedure during our consultation and again before he performed the surgery. The surgery went exactly as planned. I had liposuction done to my stomach and back. I had a tummy tuck, and I had a breast lift with implants. I was around a C 1/2 before the surgery. We discussed just doing a lift without implants but Ms. Macala showed me pictures of a lift with implants and without. I decided the lift looks better WITH the implants. I only went up about a half size to a D because I am a smaller person and I wanted them to look more natural. The liposuction to my stomach area and the tummy tuck were extremely successful. The liposuction to my back wasn't as noticeable. There is still a little fat in my back area. However I'm working on that with diet and exercise. The recovery process was comparable to a 2nd or 3rd C-section. I say that because I have had 2 C-sections and my 1st was a breeze. I was pretty sore for around a week, but I could manage ok after about 3 days. I haven't had any complications during recovery. Everything looks very good. I do have some scaring even after using the recommended scar gel. My abdomen scars from the tummy tuck are pretty noticeable. But honestly no one sees those except my husband anyways. And they do look better if I have been tanning. The only thing that seems out of the ordinary with my experience is that the dissolvable stitches in my abdomen have not dissolved yet. They are still very much intact. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brantley and am happy with the decision to have the mommy makeup surgery. I love my results!!"

5.0 Review from E. Source: RealSelf Aug 24 2022

"My breasts are beautiful, my stomach is flat, and incisions are healing - This may be too long, it's hard to sum everything up in a short paragraph.My journey with Dr. Brantley and his staff started on January 27, 2022, this was also my 51st birthday.After years of dieting, I finally found what worked and I made the decision to have my consult. Let me just say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I was so nervous when Dr. Brantley walked in, I told him I feel like I may throw up, when asked why and I told him I had been wanting this for so long that I was scared. He and his staff made me feel so comfortable that my nerves melted away. I also knew he was the doctor for me when he said he liked tattoos.I decided I wanted the tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift with implants and the inner thigh lift. It does seem like a lot at one time but he reassured me that it could be done and I felt I could do it. I told him I wanted to lose a few more pounds and he said that didn't matter, what mattered was what I saw in the mirror. What he couldn't know at the time that I cried when I looked in the mirror, I was so unhappy with the fat and skin I could see hanging and the breast that were hanging low and resting on my stomach. He did warn me that if my numbers dropped the thighs would not be done, I was so determined I upped my cardio daily to make sure my numbers stayed good. Tuesday July 5th was the day that changed my outlook on life. I was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours and everything was done. To be honest, I do not remember much about that day after I was released. I remember the day after because I had to go to the bathroom all the time with help. Yes, I had pain, I was expecting it but with the medication it was manageable. On Thursday when Mom came to get me up for the bathroom, I was coming out the door myself (I did get in trouble for that) but I was ready to get up and move. After that I was on a roll, I'm not going to say it was a piece a cake, but it was a lot easier than I was told it would be. On the third week, I was already back working part time and getting back to normal life. I did rest when needed which was hard because I am not a patient person, when I mentioned that to Dr. Brantley, he ask how that was working out for me. Let's just say it was a learning experience for me. With all this being said just know I am 7 weeks post op now. I am back to walking my 2 miles a day and have been for 2 weeks. My incisions are healing beautifully because the scar cream really does work. I kept weekly pics of my healing and I have been looking back over my journey. I may not be through with it because I may have something done with my stretch marks from the kids and yoyo dieting. Last thing I can say is I know longer feel sad and cry when I see the mirror, I walk around proud of the way I look. My breast are beautiful, my stomach is flat and my inner thighs don't look like cottage cheese. I cannot say enough about Dr. Brantley and his staff, they are all wonderful, caring people who will help in any way they can. A big shout out to Macala who I emailed every week since my surgery, she has been great. Thank you for everything, Angela Jones"

5.0 Review from H.W. Source: Facebook Jan 01 2022

"Dr.Arian Smith and his assistants Chelsea and Jennifer were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable. I had a tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and implants. I look and feel so amazing."

5.0 Review from N. Source: RealSelf Mar 11 2021

"The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly - Don't walk, RUN to Dr. Brantley! I have wanted a breast augmentation for years, but after having babies I knew it was finally time. Breastfeeding left me with hollow and droopy breast. After meeting with Dr. Brantley and Macala I immediately knew I made the right decision. I had a breast lift with implants and WOW I am so pleased. For so many years I didn't even want to look at my chest in the mirror and especially insecure during bathing suit season. I feel much more confidant in my own skin and also for my husband! Dr. Brantley is truly an artist and an amazing doctor. I could talk all day about sweet Macala. She answered every email I sent her right away and was so sweet about ALL of my questions before and after surgery. She is top notch and made my experience so amazing. Also, I want to add that the morning of my surgery was so easy and a wonderful experience. The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were very comforting and sweet. Y'all I could go on and on about Dr. Brantley and his team, they got it going on for sure!!!!"

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Oct 19 2018

"Breast Lift with Augmentation - I Am Well Pleased with the Results of my breast lift with augmentation Surgery on 10/8/2018I am two weeks post breast lift with augmentation surgery. I could not have asked for a better doctor/plastic surgeon.From the first time I met Dr. Brantley, he made me feel so comfortable talking with him .He explained everything fully, answering all my questions.I would highly recommend Dr. Brantley as the best plastic surgeon to make you feel and look great."

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Oct 19 2018

"Breast Lift with Augmentation - I Am Well Pleased with the Results of my breast lift with augmentation Surgery on 10/8/2018I am two weeks post breast lift with augmentation surgery. I could not have asked for a better doctor/plastic surgeon.From the first time I met Dr. Brantley, he made me feel so comfortable talking with him .He explained everything fully, answering all my questions.I would highly recommend Dr...."

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: RealSelf Dec 13 2016

"Weight Loss Left Too Much Sagging Skin - Jackson, MS - I was very comfortable with Dr. Wegener and his staff. All of my questions and concerns were answered and I felt that I was in very competent hands. I am very satisfied with the results of my surgeries. It was well worth it to me! I recommend Dr. Wegener to anyone wanting an efficient skilled surgeon! From my first visit I was very pleased with Dr.Wegener and his staff. He took all of the time I needed to answer questions before and after my surgeries. I am so amazed at my results. I look and feel so much better. I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing plastic surgery. I know he is the best!"

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Jan 01 2015

"23 Years Old. Breast Lift with Implants! Worth Every Penny! - Flowood, MS - I debated for a really long time if I wanted to take the plunge and do this surgery! I suffered from saggy boobs since I was 17. I lost 30 pounds and my boobs were never the same after that! My friend just recently got a lift and implants and they turned out great, so I decided to talk to my plastic surgeon(who is AWESOME, by the way)and see what he recommended. After that, I was sold! All my fears had been laid to rest. I completely trusted my doctor, so I was no longer worried. He recommended a bilateral lift with a full D silicone gel implant, which is what I went with! I can not stress enough how happy I am with them! You don't realize how unhappy you really are with your body until you get exactly what you've always wanted! The first week after surgery was pretty miserable and quite uncomfortable, but I would do over again in a heartbeat! The pain was so worth the results. But I will say, if you're looking into doing this surgery make absolutely SURE that you do your research and find a doctor that has good credentials and positive feedback. Don't just go to anybody! I searched high and low for anything I could find on my doctor before I went through with the surgery. Surgeries like this could easily ruin your body if you choose a doctor that doesn't know what he/she is doing! I was 100% sound in my decision to use Dr. Brantley when it came surgery time, and I was so calm and prepared to put my life in his hands. That's exactly what you need when you're making a life changing decision like this!Updated on 3 Jan 2015:Updated on 7 Jan 2015:So I decided to pull out my swimsuits from last year to see if they still fit since since summer will be coming soon. To my surprise they actually still fit! Which is awesome because I just bought them in September, but I'm going to upload some pictures to show you guys the difference in how they fit me last year and what they look like on me now!Updated on 2 Mar 2015:I've been slacking on my updating since school started back because I've been so busy but I've taken some updated pictures to share with you guys. I've been back in the gym and hard at work trying to get ready for summer! I'm so out of shape and I worry about gaining weight and making my new boobs saggy. Certainly don't want that! :)Updated on 2 Mar 2015:Updated on 3 May 2015:I haven't posted in awhile because life has kept me busy but here's an updated picture of my scar progress. They're fading more and more everyday. And my boobs are still perky and happy!Updated on 27 Aug 2015:It's 9 months later and I'm still loving my boobs! They've settled in and they look sooo natural! Not too big, not too small. Very proportional my body. Nobody even realizes I've had them done, which is what I was going for. All I wanted was a better version of my already existing boobs and that's exactly what I have! No more deflated, saggy boobs."
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