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How To Get Younger-Looking Skin On Your Lunch Break

By: Our Team


Did you know that you can combine BOTOX® and fillers for even more dramatic anti-aging results? Often referred to as the "lunchtime procedure," BOTOX and dermal fillers are the cosmetic mainstays that have everyone talking. These anti-aging helpers are providing women and men with the results they want — to look younger! Skin rejuvenation with injectables is giving individuals the chance to take years off their appearance, and no surgery is required. With today’s cosmetic advancements, there are more choices than ever to smooth out wrinkles, restore volume, and even improve your overall complexion. These nonsurgical wonders are reversing the signs of aging, and the experts at The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates in Flowood, MS, are here to help.


The experienced professionals at The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates offer several different nonsurgical options to their patients in the Greater Jackson, MS, metro area. With eight board-certified plastic surgeons and industry experts, facial rejuvenation has never been easier. Treatments can help you get back that youthful glow and eliminate those pesky signs of aging. Curious as to what all the buzz is about surrounding BOTOX and dermal fillers? Here is a look at how these preventive anti-aging treatments will give you a fresher look and keep you coming back for more.


Reverse the aging process

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of individuals injected with anti-aging treatments last year was up 40% from a mere five years ago. Let's face it — it is hard to ignore the fantastic results that individuals are getting from cosmetic injectables. Whether you need to soften static wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes, add fullness back into your cheekbone area, or fill in creases around your mouth, wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX or dermal fillers may be just the assistance you need. 


What is a "liquid facelift?" 

This popular duo in the cosmetic world combines the magical results of dermal fillers and BOTOX, all in the same appointment. Both women and men in the Greater Jackson, MS, metro area can enjoy a liquid facelift, which is a safe, nonsurgical alternative to a traditional facelift. It is the cosmetic cocktail of combining dermal fillers like Juvéderm® or Restylane® and BOTOX during the same procedure, to give individuals a whole new look. 


Dermal fillers work to plump up lips and cheeks, and give facial contouring help to other areas affected by the aging process. They can even fill in deep creases around the mouth or "laugh lines" to give patients an overall smoother appearance. BOTOX works to smooth out static wrinkles around the eyes, brow area, and forehead. Primarily, BOTOX tackles the upper portion while dermal fillers do their job on the lower part of the face. When done together (even during your lunch hour), patients can expect to love the results.


Facial cosmetic help without surgery

Women and men today are living longer, so they are working longer in competitive environments. Today’s society is hyper-focused on maintaining a youthful appearance, and facial injectables are making that possible without surgery or lengthy downtime to recover. Restoring lost volume in certain areas and smoothing out static wrinkles can give you a vibrant, youthful look. BOTOX and fillers can work harmoniously to transform your appearance, so you not only look younger but feel younger. This facial cosmetic duo can be the answer to reversing the signs of aging, and both treatments can be done during the same appointment.


Finding the right injector

As with any cosmetic treatment, finding a qualified professional is a priority. Although BOTOX and dermal fillers are not surgery, you still need an experienced injector to target the right spots with the optimal dosage to ensure excellent results. Restoring volume and fullness while eliminating the appearance of facial wrinkles or folds demands a qualified injector. The eight board-certified plastic surgeons and their professionally trained staff at The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates in Flowood, MS, can help make wrinkles a thing of the past and safely transform your skin to a fresh, rejuvenated look. 


If you are not ready to take on a traditional facelift, facial injectables are a safe, effective alternative. The professionals at The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates will take the time to listen to your aesthetic concerns and devise a plan of action, so you get the results you need. If you are considering a facial cosmetic procedure with injectable fillers or BOTOX, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Greater Jackson-area office. It won’t take long to get great results and younger-looking skin.

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