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Breast Implant Removal in Flowood, MS

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What is Breast Implant Removal?

After receiving a breast augmentation to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, some women may decide to get them taken out for a variety of factors. At The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates in Flowood, MS, our surgeons meet with women who want to get rid of their breast implants. In some cases, a breast lift might be required after implant removal based on the size and type of the implants, as well as how much your skin stretched. A lift can help to get rid of excess or sagging skin that can remain after implant removal. If you're wanting to return to your original breast size, implant removal surgery and a breast lift can produce beautiful results to restore the original appearance and texture of your breasts.

Ideal Candidates

Breast implant removal may be employed to fix an array of issues you may experience after a breast augmentation, including scar tissue (capsular contracture), implant malfunction, and dissatisfaction with the new breast size. Sometimes, women might just prefer their original breast size and want to restore their normal appearance. No matter the reason, breast augmentation removal can work to counteract the outcomes of breast augmentation and when combined with a breast lift, may reestablish a natural, desirable aesthetic look. Before your surgery, your physician will talk with you regarding your aspired look for your breasts and how to reach it.

I could not be happier with my breast implant exchange & lift with Dr. Stephen Davidson. The operation- size- and results far exceeded my expectations. (And I am picky to a fault and beyond) He truly listened to what I wanted. My clothes fit better- I feel SO much better with smaller more proportionate breasts. Nothing has made me feel younger & happier with how I look. His “Lindseys” (Nurses) could not have been kinder or more attentive. Thank y’all!

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I could not be happier with my breast implant exchange & lift with Dr. Stephen Davidson.

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Surgical Technique

During the breast implant removal operation, the implants are taken out and scar tissue might also need to be eliminated. Scar tissue is not uncommon after breast augmentation and will need to be removed if it's affecting the shape of the breast or causing pain. After the implants have been taken out, your surgeon can perform a fat transfer, breast lift, or both based on what had been decided upon during your consultation. There are also a number of alternatives to restore volume after an implant removal to improve the shape of your breast.

What to Expect

The recovery time will vary for each patient, depending upon the repair needed after the procedure. After the process, your surgeon will deliver post-procedure directions and may recommend treatments to help eliminate scarring. For the first 2 – 3 weeks, patients may experience swelling and bruising and should limit strenuous exercise until otherwise permitted. But, patients are invited to stand and gradually move around since it can help with blood flow. Optimal results can normally be seen about 4 – 6 months following the procedure.

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Restore Your Natural Look

Numerous situations could make you unhappy with your current breast implants. Whether they are the wrong texture, shape, or size, The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates can help you to obtain the look you desire with breast implant removal. At a consultation, your surgeon will talk with you regarding your options to renew the appearance and feel of your breasts. To learn more, call The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates today.

Can I enhance my size?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your current implants and wish to actually go up in size, your surgeon can remove your breast implants and replace them with a larger size. During your initial consultation, be sure to talk to us about your cosmetic goals so we can understand the look you'd like to attain. Some women may want to remove their implants altogether while others may want to address their implant size for a more pleasing contour.

Will there be new scars after breast revision?

Your surgeon will make incisions for revision surgery in the original augmentation incisions whenever possible. If this is not possible, they will place the new incisions where they are least visible. Revision surgery typically uses a transaxillary incision (through the armpit), a periareolar incision (on the lower edge of the areola), an inframammary incision (beneath the fold of the breast), or TUBA incision (transumbilical, through the belly button). A member of The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates team will go over scar care instructions so your incisions heal smoothly and blend with your skin.

Do I have to change my implants?

While implants can last a long time, they will eventually require replacement. Once you've had breast augmentation surgery, it is important to have your implants checked regularly so your surgeon can help you determine when your implants need to be replaced. With so many advances in the medical field, you may prefer the new implant types and shapes to achieve a better outcome from breast revision surgery.

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