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Reviews for Breast Implant Surgery Procedures Near Flowood, MS

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf May 26 2022

"I did the breast implants and love them - If you are not using Dr. Brantley then what are you doing? I did the breast implants and LOVE THEM! He did my mom and step moms over 10 years ago and they are still happy! You can not go wrong with him!"

5.0 Review from M.P. Source: Facebook Jan 01 2022

"I could not be happier with my breast implant exchange & lift with Dr. Stephen Davidson. The operation- size- and results far exceeded my expectations. (And I am picky to a fault and beyond) He truly listened to what I wanted. My clothes fit better- I feel SO much better with smaller more proportionate breasts. Nothing has made me feel younger & happier with how I look. His “Lindseys” (Nurses) could not have been kinder or more attentive. Thank y’all!"

5.0 Review from M.P. Source: Facebook Jan 01 2022

"I could not be happier with my breast implant exchange & lift with Dr. Stephen Davidson."

5.0 Review from N. Source: RealSelf Mar 11 2021

"The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly - Don't walk, RUN to Dr. Brantley! I have wanted a breast augmentation for years, but after having babies I knew it was finally time. Breastfeeding left me with hollow and droopy breast. After meeting with Dr. Brantley and Macala I immediately knew I made the right decision. I had a breast lift with implants and WOW I am so pleased. For so many years I didn't even want to look at my chest in the mirror and especially insecure during bathing suit season. I feel much more confidant in my own skin and also for my husband! Dr. Brantley is truly an artist and an amazing doctor. I could talk all day about sweet Macala. She answered every email I sent her right away and was so sweet about ALL of my questions before and after surgery. She is top notch and made my experience so amazing. Also, I want to add that the morning of my surgery was so easy and a wonderful experience. The surgery center was so organized and everything flowed perfectly. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were very comforting and sweet. Y'all I could go on and on about Dr. Brantley and his team, they got it going on for sure!!!!"

5.0 Review from P. Source: RealSelf Mar 08 2021

"Fast Recovery and Great Results! - I am very happy with my breast augmentation with Dr. Brantley! I'm still early in the process and have awhile to go before I see final results but so far I'm loving the new boobs. My recovery was fast and pain-free. I'm feeling more confident than ever. Would definitely recommend Dr. Brantley! My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner and go bigger ;)"

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Oct 16 2020

"Amazing experience —Ice cream cone with a cherry on top! - I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Adrian Smith about 4 months ago, I'm obsessed with my results. Ice cream cone with a cherry on top!He & his staff are top notch I couldn't ask for the best Dr. Look forward to seeing y'all very soon on my next journey. Thanks"

5.0 Review from K.B. Source: Healthgrades Oct 10 2020

"Dr. BRANTLEY did a Fantastic job on my breast Augmentation! You even barely see the scar, if I didn't tell you; you wouldn't even know there is one. I'm thoroughly impressed and satisfied with my experiences with Dr. BRANTLEY as well as his staff. They made my experience professional, dignified, pleasant,and pain free. I am pleased and thankful for all my care under Dr. BRANTLEY."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Sep 18 2020

"Why Did I Wait? I didn't have to hide my stomach at the pool party! - Labor day weekend, I went to a pool party and for the first time that I can remember, I was able to enjoy myself without trying to hide my stomach or feel self-conscious. I even saw myself in the background of picture in my bikini and was proud of the way I looked! In 2017, I had breast augmentation and liposuction. At that time, Dr. Brantley recommended a tummy tuck for optimal results, but I was not ready. Now I wonder why I waited?!? Dr. Brantley and his staff were so encouraging, friendly and helpful. Although the first week of recovery was painful, it was manageable and totally worth it. Thank you, Dr. Brantley, for giving me this new freedom and confidence.Updated on 22 Sep 2020:Updating to add pictures..Day of Surgery vs. 5 days post op with steri-strips Day of Surgery vs. 1 week post op vs. 2 week post op10 week post op - stomach, stomach with scar and belly buttonI have looked and looked for a better before picture, without much luck. I always tried to hide my stomach in pictures, but now I am glad to show it. Be sure you take your own before pictures."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Sep 18 2020

"Why Did I Wait? I didn't have to hide my stomach at the pool party! - Labor day weekend, I went to a pool party and for the first time that I can remember, I was able to enjoy myself without trying to hide my stomach or feel self-conscious. I even saw myself in the background of picture in my bikini and was proud of the way I looked! In 2017, I had breast augmentation and liposuction. At that time, Dr. Brantley recommended a tummy tuck for optimal results, but I was not ready. Now I wonder why I waited?!? Dr. Brantley and his staff were so encouraging, friendly and helpful. Although the first week of recovery was painful, it was manageable and totally worth it. Thank you, Dr. Brantley, for giving me this new freedom and confidence."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Apr 17 2019

"27yo SRF-345cc Natrelle Inspira (A to C cup) - Hi friends! I’ve wanted boobs for the better part of a decade now to feel more feminine and balance out my extremely pear shaped figure. During the consult, I liked the look of the 295cc sizers, but my doc convinced me to go a bit bigger, and so far I’m super glad I listened to him!End of day 1 post op and the pain is being well managed with Percocet. I definitely am bloating like crazy! My sides and ribs are super swollen and tender, so I hope that starts to feel better by tomorrow. My PS decided on 345cc HP. Will post progress pics in a couple of days! Updated on 18 Apr 2019:Woot! Made it to day 2 post op. Just experiencing a little soreness and stiffness, with mild bruising underneath both breasts (especially the left one). Got a little freaked out because I don’t see many breast aug pictures with bruising here and initially thought it was a hematoma! I had my post op appointment today and the nurse confirmed that it was just bruising and would fade within a few weeks. Phew! Feeling happy about my progress thus far. So happy to have joined this community. :)Updated on 20 Apr 2019:Today is post op day 4, and I feel fantastic! Was able to go shopping with my mom for three hours with no pain whatsoever. As you can see in the photos, they’ve dropped a bit compared to post op day 1. I’m really loving how they look already! Updated on 25 Apr 2019:Post op day 9, and feeling really amazing. They are definitely softening up a tad with the massages. My bruises are almost completely gone as well. Overall, extremely happy with how things are shaping (pun intended) up! Updated on 29 Apr 2019:These pics were taken 2 days ago. I couldn’t wait and put on my old bikini just to see the fit. It’s definitely tight but WOW I feel amazing! They’ve definitely dropped quite a bit, although my left one is a little bigger than the right one. :/Still super happy with the way that they’re turning out! I really am tired of wearing this compression bra. Did anyone else start wearing other sports bras or bralettes around week 2? "

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Jan 07 2018

"24 Years Old, Petite, Wanted Breast Augmentation - I have always been very petite with very small breasts (about an A cup). I had wanted a breast augmentation for a long time, and am so happy I went with Dr. Brantley. From my consultation to the day of surgery, Dr. Brantley made me feel so comfortable. He was able to choose the perfect size for my body, and I have never felt more confident. The surgery went smoothly, and the recovery process was a breeze! I would highly recommend Dr. Brantley to anyone."

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Aug 28 2017

"Breast Augmentation & Wrist Surgery - I could not have asked for a better surgeon than Dr Wegener. He really connected personally with me and was honest the whole time. I came to him for a breast augmentation. I'm around 113 lbs and have always had a slender body type, and always been SO flat chested. When I consulted with him, he asked me what I wanted. Not what he thought I needed... what I wanted. He gave me exactly that. I went from not even filling out an A cup to a full C/small D and it looks amazing! I seriously love them!I originally spoke to him with complaints of my wrist. I broke my scaphoid bone over 7 years ago and I still had a non healed break and never knew it. I knew he was the surgeon for me when he told me a few weeks later that he had been researching the best treatment for me and he gave me the options I had. There was no thinking to it after that when he showed me he was truly into my care! I told him I'd like the breast augmentation at the same time as when I'd need the wrist surgery. Everything went so smoothly: prep, surgery, recovery, therapy. And here I am with the best looking breasts, back to a great range of motion with my wrist, and beautiful scars to go with it. I would recommend Dr Wegener every single time for any plastic and hand surgery. He and his team are so active in patient care. They are very down to earth and so sweet!"

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf May 09 2017

"Dr. "Mani" - Here is my story, I am a 32 year old female. I have had four children. I have a petite body even after having my children. I have always been skinny and "flat chested" all of my life, I breastfed all four of my children and of course my breasts would look amazing during that time, I went from an A cup to a C cup but like most women after they stop breastfeeding, my breasts went right back to being flat as a board. I have always been picked on and made fun of for being skinny and flat chested since I was a teenager and I would always wear padded bra's for the illusion of bigger boobs, but when summer came along bikini season was a different story. I always hated going into Victoria's Secret or any type of Lingerie store because I would always leave with tears in my eyes and I have always felt even after having my children that I was a grown woman trapped inside of a teenagers body who never hit puberty. I have always wanted to have a breast augmentation and implants to achieve the look I've wanted to feel as beautiful on the outside as I do the inside. I always enjoyed the look I had when wearing my "big girl" bras but when it came to wearing a bikini or lingerie or just nude at all, I honestly was not happy. I did a lot of research and reading over the years on implants and have seen a lot of the "work" that has been done by plastic surgeons and looked through the before and after photos on The Face and Body Center's website, I was always impressed by Doctor ManiSundaram's pictures, they looked very natural and more of what I was looking for to be able to achieve the look I wanted on my own body. And having the experience of knowing a few of people who have had a breast augmentation and who they used and there answers to my questions, I made a appointment to meet with Dr. Mani back in October of 2016 to discuss my augmentation. He has the most wonderful bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable discussing my options and what I wanted to achieve. His nurse Courtney is also wonderful as well, they both sat with me and answered all of my questions as well as took the time to fully explain in detail my options and what he recommended would be best. I very much appreciated and was so happy with how Dr. Mani treated me. I scheduled my surgery for the end of October. The day of surgery my husband was with me and I was so nervous and yet excited at the same time, when I was called back to get ready for my pre-op I was laying on the hospital bed with my husband by my side. I was very much impressed with and very happy to see that Courtney came in to check on me and she stayed with me for awhile and talked with me about everything, she is so sweet and a awesome person. Dr. Mani came by as well to prepare me for surgery and make his markings. I also wanted to have some lyphomas removed from my arms and my back that where giving me trouble while I was in surgery as well. I can't say enough how wonderful Dr.Mani is and how warm and understanding he is as well as Courtney. I love Dr. Mani's personality and how he made me laugh and comfortable. After surgery I came home. Courtney called both me and my husband to check on me that afternoon and during my healing time any questions or concerns I had Courtney was always happy to answer them for me. When I would go for my check ups as well I always enjoyed being able to see Courtney and talk with her and Dr. Mani. It has been 7 months since I had my procedure and even after I first had it done, I am so happy and impressed with my new look and very impressed with how beautifully my scars have healed from not only my breast augmentation but from my lypoma removals on my arms and back. I'm definitely ready and looking forward to this summer. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone to see Dr. Mani."

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Oct 30 2016

"a+ experience - I had a breast augmentation and breast lift with Dr Davidson. The facility is nicely decorated, friendly receptionist, minimal waiting time, and excellent staff. I felt confident and prepared the day of my surgery. I am ecstatic about my results even after having a child 3 years later. My scars healed well and I will be scheduling future surgeries with him. His staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I am so glad that I chose The Face And Body Center to attend to my cosmetic needs."

5.0 Review from G. Source: RealSelf Sep 29 2016

"Allergan Inspira SRF - I started with a full B , full at the bottom totally no fullness up top !!! At first I was going to go with mod profile and 300cc but decided that wouldn't put me at the desired full D cup I wanted . I used dr Adrian smith and he chose high profile 385cc ! 7 days post op and they already look amazing !!!Updated on 3 Nov 2016:Not going to lie , I went through weeks I hated my implants ! One was bigger , one was higher , they weren't the D cup I wanted after swelling went down ! So , after having some patience and waiting the full 6 weeks I am happy to say they have totally evened out , their measuring a full D cup , and I love them !!!! I'm so OCD it was hard to wait 6 weeks to assess the final results . I emailed my doctors assistant a few times before 6 weeks with concerns . I am really glad I paid the extra money and went with the gel implants , I'm absolutely amazed at how incredibly real my breast feel ! Also , I wanted to add , I've seen so many women say you'll never be able to sleep on your stomach again ? I don't have a problem with the implants feeling uncomfortable when I sleep on my stomach . In closing : I love my implants ! I am so glad I chose Dr. Adrian Smith as he works with many other doctors I had to choose from ! After seeing his work first hand and LOVING the way his breast augmentations looked (not in the collarbone fake) I trusted I'd be happy with my results !"

5.0 Review from K.B. Source: Facebook Feb 10 2016

"Love Dr. Brantley and the staff. Very happy with my breast implants, I feel so much better about myself. Great place and recommend everyone there."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Nov 12 2015

"24 Years Old, Been Wanting Reduction Since 14 - Jackson, MS - I have a friend that saw Dr. Brantley and he did a breast augmentation on her. She looked amazing afterwards and said she no longer had any back problems. I went and got a consultation and he was so friendly. I was very self conscious and he made me feel very comfortable and so did his nurse. He told me the size I should be and what would look good. I took his recommendation and now I feel fabulous. I've gotten tons of compliments from friends and family. I'm so happy with my decision that I wish I would've done it years ago. I feel more comfortable and my scars are starting to fade. I would recommend Dr. Brantley to anyone that is interested in this surgery."

4.0 Review from A. Source: RealSelf Aug 21 2014

"40 Y.o. Always Wore Push Ups-was Told by my Husband It Was "False Advertisement" - Jackson, MS - I have ALWAYS wanted to get a "Boob job" but I guess that is kind of like wanting to own instead of rent or have a Lexus instead of a beat up car. It was a DREAM. My husband are a poster for better/worse, richer poorer. I stayed with him through back surgery, hernia operation, etc. We have been so poor that I walked 4 miles to an interview with a skirt on and when I got the job (grocery store) I would walk to work, walk home at night with a couple bags of groceries, etc. He had someone from his job pick him up. He decided to open his own business and asked me to stand behind him and I did. He got it up and running and stood behind me while I went back to school. My daughter and I would do homework together, she was in middle school (4-5-6 grades) and I was in college. But I graduated with honors and now have my dream job of being a medical transcriptionist. I work with the Drs wife who has breast implants, a nurse who has implants and 2 others that have had reductions and one that wants a reduction. The other ladies say they will get implants after they have their kids. Well, my daughter is now a junior in high school. I told my husband that things were almost perfect, now, if only I had boobs. His response shocked me: i would love for you to have boobs but if something went wrong in surgery, i would never forgive myself and never be able to look our daughter in the face knowing I paid for that to happen.....well, i told him how common the procedure is and he said how much? I got 2 quotes and he told me to do my research and find a good Dr. I did. he said he would pay. THAT WAS A SURPRISE. I was thinking he would pay 1/2 or say for Christmas, but he said birthday/Christmas as I asked the week of my birthday. So, I had mine done in Jackson, MS by Dr. Barraza. He and his staff were great. I went in with a padded 34B (probably actually an A) and told him I wanted to be a full C. Whatever he had to do to get that result. I got Saline under the muscle 350 in the right and 375 in the left....something about asymmetry. When I woke up, I was DEVASTATED-I had no more than when I came in, maybe smaller!?!? I went home and slept and when my husband came home, He was furious and told me to get ready to go back and have it done again and have it done right. I promised I would call on Monday-this was Friday night. I went back to sleep and woke up at 10p.m. and OMG! I had these huge rocks on my chest! I don't know what was wrong to begin with if it takes a little while to fill or what, but WOW! Anyway, I didn't call, when I went to my po...i was happy. I completely fill a 36B and need a 34 but the store didn't have one and have extra hanging out. I may be a small D when it is all said and done. I'm in week 5 now, ready for them to drop and fluff. They are still a little high but the swelling has gone down. I came back to work on Monday, a little sore but better that night. Dr. said don't wear a bra at home so hopefully gravity will help them drop so that is what I do. He said massage them daily, I do this as well..but they seem to be happy where they are sitting!.. I have posted lots of comments, but this is the first chance I've had to get my story out. I'll post more as time goes. Hope everyone is happy with their new Boobie!! Good Luck to all!! :-)Updated on 21 Aug 2014:And when we went on vacation if I was ever in doubt..no more. My 16 year old daughter filled out and looked better in my bathing suit than I did. Proud for her but very embarrassing for me.Updated on 26 Aug 2014:Should say fill and fall out of 36C.not B"

5.0 Review from E. Source: RealSelf Nov 14 2013

"The Best Decision I've Ever Made - Jackson, MS - I cannot say enough positive things about my doctor and breast augmentation. I have always thought about getting implants, but never felt strongly enough in either direction to commit to a decision. When I got engaged and started trying on wedding dresses, the decision could not have come to me any more clearly. I was no longer going to buy clothes and it look like I borrowed them from someone else because they didn't fit correctly.I am an OCD worry wart and in my pure neurotic form I came in with a typed out list of questions. No matter what my questions or concerns were Dr. Brantley and his nurses, Devin and Susan, always took whatever time necessary to make sure I was comfortable through the entire process, both before and after my surgery. I wake up everyday a happier more confident me."

5.0 Review from L.E. Source: Facebook Jun 06 2021

"Dr.Stephen Davidson and his team are the best of the best. A physician with an excellent bedside manner and an artist who creates beauty with each living canvas. Through his passion for his work and his skilled hands he compassionately makes hopes and wishes become reality and dreams come true, 4 years after choosing him to be the surgeon for my breast augmentation there was never any question which plastic surgeon I would choose for my breast reconstruction after having a double mastectomy as a result of a Breast Cancer. Dr Davidson made the horror of loosing my breasts less traumatic and gave back the “normalcy” that I lost to cancer. He and his team of nurses and assistants go far above and beyond the standard care to provide the best care possible."
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