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Could it be a Flexor Tendon Injury?

By: Our Team


Finger Flexor Surgery

There are many ways a flexor muscle in the hand can be injured. One of the most common ways a flexor can be injured is by a deep cut on the palm side of the wrist, where crucial blood vessels are located. When a tendon is cut, it is like a rubber band and the cut ends pull away from each other. Motion can be completely obstructed or able to only slightly bend. Tendon repair needs to happen on the injury with hopes for close to full recovery. Tendon injuries can happen at any age or stage in life. It is important to find the right surgeon to care for this critical injury. An injury to the flexor tendon cannot simply heal on its own, because the ends have been severed. The ultimate hope is that the ends of the tendon can be brought back together and heal the cells on the inside and also the outside of the tendon. There can be minor to extreme pain and limited range of motion when a tendon is severed. With proper surgery and healing, the repair can begin and stronger motions can be gripped with the hand with little to no strain or pain. Your Face & Body Surgeon will work with you on advice for recovery time and how to build up strength and agility in the injured area again. Many of our Face & Body Physicians have extensive and specialized experience in the area of hand and wrist injuries. If you think you or someone you know may have a tendon issue, contact us for the best care you can find.

*Sources: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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