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Six Things to Know About Tattoo Removal

By: Our Team


Ready to remove an unwanted tattoo?

Times change, and so can your taste in your ­body art. But because of today’s state-of-the-art technology, the increased involvement of board-certified medical professionals, and the ever-growing effectiveness of many tattoo removal options, unwanted tattoos do not have to be a lingering displeasure any longer. Dr. Michael G. Kanosky and his team at The Face & Body Center of Plastic and Hand Surgery Associates in Flowood, MS have the experience and expertise to provide you with the laser removal treatment that works best for you. Here are six important factors to consider before you fully commit to any tattoo removal procedure.

1) First, choose a proven tattoo removal expert

Depending on the design of any given tattoo, getting one can be relatively easy but removing one is not. While most tattoo removal treatments are not considered surgery and don’t require an advanced medical degree to remove, wouldn’t you feel more confident with a board-certified plastic surgeon in charge of your procedure? With Dr. Kanosky at the helm, you’ll get a proven, well-respected doctor who has performed numerous aesthetic surgeries at The Face & Body Center for patients throughout Metro Jackson, MS. You can trust that your skin will always be in good hands over the course of your treatments.

2) The tattoo removal process is just that – a process

The truth is, there is no quick fix when it comes to tattoo removal, and the results will only improve with one thing — time. Why? The tattoo removal process is more than just a zap of the laser, and usually begins with pre-treatment photos of the tattoo, a thorough cleaning of ink areas you want removed, and sometimes a few small injections to freeze and numb those areas before the process can begin. From there, Dr. Kanosky and his team will focus the laser on the tattoo you want removed and initiate the breakdown of the pigment particles for your body to digest. Depending on the details of the tattoo, you can expect each session to last around an hour. The number of sessions needed for your art to fade will vary.

3) Yes, the laser removal treatments can hurt

If your tattoo was painful while it was being applied, chances are it is going to hurt a little coming off. Everyone has a different experience and pain-tolerance level, with some feeling no pain at all while others must withstand constant discomfort. Dr. Kanosky will do his best to ease any irritation or distress with frequent breaks, topical remedies, or other relief associated with laser burn.

4) Not all tattoo ink colors can be removed as easily

Unlike older methods of tattoo ink removal, most colors can now be fully removed with The Face & Body Center’s Q-switched Alex TriVantage laser. The only catch is, some colors require more time — and thus, additional sessions — than others. You may experience more success with the removal of darker colors like blue and black, while more nuanced shades of yellow, green, and white may take more time to diminish. Dr. Kanosky will consider these factors in his treatment-time estimate.

5) Tattoo removal aftercare is as important as the treatments

Just because you’re done with the lasers doesn’t mean you’re done with your treatment. At The Face & Body Center facility near Jackson, MS, we’ll develop a plan to help you ensure that your results are as long-lasting as possible. You should be prepared to apply antibiotic and pain-relieving ointments up to three times per day after each scheduled treatment, and you may need to reassess your wardrobe to incorporate more loose-fitting garments that don’t scratch or irritate the surface of your skin.

6) Think before you remove your ink

Laser tattoo removal takes a considerable commitment from both you and your treatment specialists. If you are concerned about pain, time, or budget, there are other options to consider that don’t require the same responsibility as laser tattoo removal. Is your current tattoo on an always-exposed place on your skin? Can your tattoo be creatively altered to a more favorable design? Would simply lightening the tattoo make it less obvious? Is the detail of your tattoo too ornate to be affordable to remove? Could the removal of the design leave an unsightly scar? Be sure to discuss your options with Dr. Kanosky before any tattoo removal. This time, your decision will indeed be permanent.

At The Face & Body Center in Flowood, MS, our aim is to provide you with as much information as possible to make informed decisions when it comes to your well-being. If you have questions about your tattoo removal or tattoo laser treatments in general, we most likely have some answers. Contact us today for a personalized consultation about whether laser tattoo removal treatment is right for you.

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