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Three Reasons to Consider Rhinoplasty Surgery

By: Our Team


Abnormalities in the anatomical or aesthetic features of the nose can take a toll on a person’s self-esteem, ability to breathe comfortably, the quality of their sleep, and other aspects of their life and overall well-being. While pursuing rhinoplasty is a personal decision, there are several common reasons why thousands of people each year choose to undergo nasal surgery. Here, the knowledgeable team at The Face & Body Center explores three of the most popular concerns or complaints that lead patients to consider nose surgery in Flowood, MS. 


What does rhinoplasty surgery do?  

Rhinoplasty — and other nasal procedures, like septoplasty and turbinectomy — are used to make a variety of improvements to both the form and function of the nose. Because each patient’s nasal anatomy, cosmetic concerns, and other factors are unique, rhinoplasty surgery is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs and goals, whether that be to enhance their aesthetic appearance, or improve their ability to breathe and sleep comfortably, or — in many cases — both. 


Why should I get a nose job?  

Below are three of the most common reasons to undergo nose surgery: 


1. To improve appearance 

Patients who feel self-conscious about their appearance because of the size, shape, or other attributes of their nose often turn to cosmetic nose surgery to achieve a more pleasing look and to balance out the harmony between their other facial features. Some aesthetic concerns that can be addressed with a cosmetic nose job include:  

  • Wide nose 
  • Narrow nose 
  • Asymmetric nose 
  • Crooked nose 
  • Nose is too big 
  • Nose is too pointed or bulbous 
  • Nostrils are too large 
  • Asymmetric nostrils 
  • Flat nose 
  • “Pig nose” (upturned nose) 
  • Bump in nose 
  • Prominent dorsal hump on nose 


2. To improve your breathing 

A common cause of obstructed nasal breathing is a deviated septum, which can be corrected with septoplasty, allowing patients to breathe more freely. This may be particularly helpful for patients who are very physically active and find it difficult to breathe during sports and other strenuous activities. A turbinectomy may also be performed in conjunction with septoplasty to address swollen turbinates for further improvements. 


3. To improve sleep 

When nasal abnormalities, like a deviated septum, obstruct a person’s ability to breathe freely, they may have trouble with disrupted sleep and snoring. In many cases, nasal surgery can greatly improve the quality of a patient’s sleep and reduce snoring. 

In addition to these reasons for considering nose surgery, many patients hope to improve their overall comfort, self-confidence, and quality of life by addressing cosmetic and/or functional nuisances that have been interfering with their everyday lives for years or even decades. 


Are the results of a nose job permanent?  

While subtle changes may appear over time due to the natural aging process and other factors, the results of nasal surgery often last for decades or even a lifetime. During your initial consultation for Flowood, MS, nose surgery, our providers will help you better understand what results may be possible for you and how long you can expect to enjoy them. 


Elevate your confidence, comfort, and quality of life with rhinoplasty surgery in Flowood, MS  

Regardless of your reason for wanting nose surgery, our caring team is here to help you understand all of your available options and determine which procedure or combination of procedures may be most suitable, appropriate, and effective for you. Take the first step toward finally getting the nose you desire by calling The Face & Body Center to schedule your private consultation for rhinoplasty in Flowood, MS, today. 

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