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Reviews for Arm Lift Procedures Near Flowood, MS

5.0 Review from K. Source: RealSelf Aug 19 2020

"I had a breast reduction and an upper arm lift, and I am beyond happy with the results from both procedures - I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Brantley and his staff. The entire experience, from my first consultation to my recovery checkups, was wonderful. I had a breast reduction and an upper arm lift, and I am beyond happy with the results from both procedures. My only regret has been not going for a consultation sooner! Dr. Brantley is top notch, and his nurse Macala was extremely helpful throughout the process. So glad I chose Dr. Brantley and The Face & Body Center."

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: RealSelf Dec 06 2016

"Hand and Finger Surgery, Brachioplasty - The Jackson Metro area is very fortunate to have Dr. Eric Wegener. He is an amazing and skilled hand and plastic surgeon. I highly recommend him and personally would not go to anyone else. My office visits and treatment were first rate!"

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Jun 12 2014

"Weight Loss, Tummy tuck, It's Time! - Flowood, MS - Scheduled for Sept. 9th, 2014 with Dr. Kenneth Barazza. My weight has been a yoyo most my adult life. I'm 46, three grown kids. December 2012 I started focusing on me! Weight started at 232 With walking and counting calories I've lost 72 pounds (now 160) and have kept it off by continuing with calorie counting and walking! I need a TT and arm lift. But one at a time, ha! I'm worried but I know it has to be done.Updated on 11 Sep 2014:It's been painful! When I walk . Burning and and stretching. I'm Very tight. First post op picture . I'm hunched too? Two days post op!Updated on 15 Sep 2014:Got my drains out. Didn't hurt. He said everything looked great. Gotta go back next Monday. He wants me to start walking straight ASAP, so I'm gonna work on that!Updated on 16 Sep 2014:No pain pills today! Working hard to walk straighter! Yes! I'm little swollen but I'm liking what I see. Will try to post pics soon.Updated on 16 Sep 2014:This was so worth it. As ashamed as I am to post this, I am so glad I lost the weight and was able to do this tummy tuck!Updated on 19 Sep 2014:Slept in my bed last night, on my side! What a relief from the recliner! Now I have washed my CG (garment) and waiting for it to dry. Don't like having it off! Been dealing with swelling every day this week. Guess that's gonna be here for a while! Doing pretty good otherwise.Updated on 30 Sep 2014:Today marks 3 weeks post op! I'm pleased! Swelling is getting better. I'm exercising and doing my thang!! Ha! Only thing I'm not doing is lifting anything really heavy, other than that, I'm good. Go back to work in two weeks. Scar looks good, just still feels numb and sensitive. I'm so glad I did this!Updated on 1 Oct 2014:No more rolls! No more skin and fat sitting on my legs!Updated on 8 Oct 2014:4 weeks postop! Love my belly button! This picture was taken this morning. Wished the swelling by the evening would go away! It's better than at first, but I'm sick of it, lol! Sick of this CG too! Down 10 pounds since surgery! I'm doing what I did before surgery, only limitation Is not lifting anything very heavy! Go back to work next Tuesday! Been shopping, I was a size 12, now I'm a size 8. Some 6 pants fit! So excited about my size! Best decision ever!Updated on 21 Mar 2015:Still loving this tummy tuck. I stopped wearing my garmet about month 4, well just noticed in this month that swelling has kicked in big time. No change in what I'm doing, Ive alway walked 10-12 miles a week. No strenuous ab exercises at all. Feels good in the mornings but by evening, swelling! About to post pictures, 6 months, just took off the garmet that's why it's red. I still love my results, just tired is the swelling and I've gained 3 pounds this month, has to be swelling. I haven't called the ps, but I think I will next week. I don't think anything is wrong, but I want them to know what I'm experiencing even though this is suppose to be normal! Ugh!"
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